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Lutein – keeping your eyes healthy

Some researchers mention lutein, lycopene and zeaxanthin as "non-nourishing bioactive ingredients". Others refer to "micronutrients". Regardless of what you call, little seems to be important to human health. One of the reasons why researchers can not agree on what they call lutein are not sure whether life is needed, in small quantities, or just have […]

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Hi Index Spectral Lens Understanding

Most of the glasses wearing a relatively strong glasses correction are likely to have the Hi index lenses heard at a time. In the optical industry today, Hi index refers to any lens material that is thinner than conventional plastic, commonly known as CR39. Over the past 10 to 15 years, several new Hi index […]

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Air Optix Night and Day Aqua

Are your contact lenses wearing a busy schedule? You will surely have experienced the occasional need to take the time out of your hectic day for a refreshing bounce. The only thing you probably did not think about removing relationships – and you're still awake. The forgetfulness of the eyes may be acceptable from time […]

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Switch from eyeglasses to contact lenses

It is commonly accepted that contact lenses are the best form of corrective lenses and are certainly better and better than eye shadows, as any obvious benefit that allows for better vision and affordability. If you are currently wearing glasses and considering switching to contact lenses, you may want to have some idea of ​​how […]

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Protecting your eyes from sunlight

Eye contact with harmful sun rays is dangerous, the sun contains dangerous radiation, which if it raises the eyes to the rays, causes eye problems or even worse, it still produces permanent blindness. Protecting the eyes for any harmful beam is critical if you want to see your sunsets while keeping a good eye. Sunlight […]

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