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Blepharoplasty – Eyelid surgery to improve vision

Our eyes are one of the most important senses of the elderly population. Good vision allows them independence and freedom to conduct activities and meetings, reading, sewing, puzzles, or television. If vision deteriorates with age, they still have their independence. Not all vision loss is inevitable, and the procedure called blepharoplasty can help. Skin around […]

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Getting to know the glasses recipe

Understanding Your Recipes for Your Glasses You have recently looked at your eyes and are ready for some new prescription glasses. You gave me a piece of paper with a few numbers as soon as you left your exams. Do you mean what these numbers mean? Your glasses recipe consists of lens powers that are […]

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Lack of sleep can affect your eyes?

In a society that has long been known, many people often do not try to think about their effects on their health. What is well known is the list of ever-increasing activities. The days are full of the long list of "must-dos", and sleep falls to the important backburner. The effect of not getting a […]

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What is the cornea's eyes?

The cornea is the outermost part of the eye. It consists of thin cell layers. It's clear we can not see it. The first structure of the eye is a brown blue or green iris. Iris gives the eye color. The cornea is transparent as the car's windscreen. When we are at different times of […]

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