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The effect of sinus infections on vision

Although it may seem unrelated, sinus infections may cause visual disturbances in individuals. Every time they face headache problems, many people complain about vision problems, such as eye pain, blurred vision, and watery eyes. These are mainly associated with bacterial infection induced sinusitis. The cause of the visual impairment is that the eyelids are located […]

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Improve your eyes

Practice of eyes helps to improve vision: 1.1 – Practice First, sit down comfortably. Discover your eyes with your palm. Do not push the eyeballs. Try to relax and watch the darkness for 30 seconds. Allow you to breathe softly and deeply all the time. 1.2 – Practice Sitting in the same position, look up […]

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What causes light flash in vision?

Have you ever flashed your vision? Are you wondering what causes these flashes and what is it? In the field of vision, the eye flashes or the flashing lights are similar to the eye viewer. These occur when the glassy gel of the particle rubs or retains the retina. Visible Lightning Streaks or Blinking Lights […]

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Correcting visual problems

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear how to improve vision problems? Are the glasses and the surgery true? 9 of these 10 people assume it, but this is a false misunderstanding. Of course, vision problems can be remedied without surgical intervention or glasses. But before you fix your […]

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