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What causes light flash in vision?

Have you ever flashed your vision? Are you wondering what causes these flashes and what is it? In the field of vision, the eye flashes or the flashing lights are similar to the eye viewer. These occur when the glassy gel of the particle rubs or retains the retina. Visible Lightning Streaks or Blinking Lights […]

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Correcting visual problems

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear how to improve vision problems? Are the glasses and the surgery true? 9 of these 10 people assume it, but this is a false misunderstanding. Of course, vision problems can be remedied without surgical intervention or glasses. But before you fix your […]

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How can sinusitis affect vision?

It is not uncommon for sinusitis to affect your vision. The most common symptoms are things like blurred eyes, eyelid and light sensitivity. Although they are often ignored, these problems can cause even more devastating symptoms. The bones of the face, the small openings around the eyes and the nose are the sine. What you […]

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