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Ways to Deteriorate Vision

We are always talking of ophthalmic exercises to improve eyesight or ophthalmology to help maintain good health, but what about the many ways to ruin our vision every day? What causes vision problems primarily? As everybody has "prevention" these days, I have come up with the list of four of the biggest "eye killers" in […]

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Blurred vision with one eye

Blurred vision occurs when the path of light from the cornea to the retina becomes disturbed. One of the sources of obscure vision may be the optic nerve disorder. Optical nerves pass information to the brain and when they are getting steep, the images arrive. Blurred visions can be corrected with glasses or contact lenses, […]

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Ten Reasons for Blurred Vision

Blurred vision can be caused by several different things. Almost everyone experienced that he was once alive and often his blurred vision was caused by our own stupidity. Not always, but most of the time. That is why I have been obscure in my own life. The easiest way to blur your eyesight is to […]

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Cloudy Vision – Fixing a Lousy Eye!

Overcast eyes and blurred vision are undoubtedly a big challenge for everyday life. Everyday activities such as reading a newspaper, writing, roadmaps, driving, etc. can be a task up. A person with confused vision or blurred vision has a problem focusing on a clear representation of nearby or distant objects. Object edges are difficult to […]

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