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Aromatherapy teas – the scent of healing

Few fragrances are more attractive than freshly brewed herbal teas. Herbal teas used in aromatherapy contain hundreds of active ingredients. They are so powerful that inhalation into their aromas can have a significant impact on their physical and emotional health. When you cook a cup of tea, some go up in the steam. By inhaling […]

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Aroma therapy and black death

From the Middle Ages to the mid-1800s, it was generally believed that illnesses were caused and spread by air or "miasma" corruption. This belief is probably due to illnesses associated with the illness and the lack of hygiene at that time. To prevent or treat such diseases, the lack of knowledge of modern science or […]

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Good herbs for eye health

The need for good eye health Eyes are one of the five senses most important. Eyes are seen as the gateway to the soul. Good eye care and eye health are important for maintaining vision and better health. The sight is one of the most valuable senses. Eyes help us look at the world, observe […]

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Liquid Essential Oil

In the Indian and Middle Eastern and African countries, including Oman, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, the incense tree grows. The milky white resin becomes orange-brown. tears, & # 39; which is made with fresh, woody, fragrant, fragrant essential oil balm with smoky tones. The pain has been used for centuries in the cleaning ceremonies of […]

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