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10 steps to recover allergy

10 Steps to Allergy Recovery

Most people spend about 86% (more or less) in life. Some are fortifications, and there are works that freed them outdoors. People who spend a lot of time indoors are exposed to chemical and biological contamination in this environment. Some of these contaminants may be carcinogenic. Exposure to these agents may affect the risk of developing respiratory problems such as asthma or allergy. There is a more serious issue that can be contacted, such as lung cancer, due to the effect of radon or smoking. This article does not deal with this topic, but focuses on allergies and asthma symptoms.

There are many contradictory data about allergens, and no one seems to agree just for the reasons
what medicine gives the person the symptoms. Just look at the advertisements on TV, it seems that the drug happens every day to eliminate the symptoms. The funny, nobody says anything about these ads about what causes the problem.

The most common problem with my asthma and allergy experience is exposure to simple allergens in the home. Examples include cats, dogs and dust mites in the home. Don't forget the birds either. Most people seem to start better after removing the pets from the house according to a strict purity protocol. I list them in order.

I call this a 10-step program for allergy recovery.

first Remove pets from the living room.

2nd Remove the pet contaminated dust.

3rd HEPA Vacuum the whole house, especially the areas occupied by pets.

4th Wash the walls and floor with TSP or Trisodium phosphate. This is a non-toxic detergent that uses toner before painting to remove oil from the walls. Do not use the type of fluid, use the type of mixed bag on site. Make sure you test the interface to make sure it is compatible with TSP before using the product. Rinse the walls after use with clean water.

5th All the interior walls of the house are repainted with a non-toxic paint that is not allergic to an allergic person. Do not use any oil-based paint indoors where the allergic individual remains. Why ask for help in closing the walls of the smell of pets. Many manufacturers do not offer low VOC paint or VOC paint. Sherwin Williams, Dulux Paint, Porter Paint, Benjamin Moore and Mystic Paint. Make sure that the individual is not allergic to the toner used. I personally use the Delux "Lifemaster 2000", but I can't use Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams. Everyone is different.

6th The floor should only be tile, marble or terrazzo. The wood is fine, but not recommended, because dust mites love dark, wet areas under the wooden floor on the ground floor, and the second floor's wooden floor is fine. It should be sealed on the surface and all joints. The tree must hit the plasterboard.

7th There are no drapes or vacuum cleaners in the home.

8th The home should be cleaned once a week with a HEPA rated vacuum cleaner.

ninth No one can smoke in the house. If someone does, they can't stand close to the allergic individual because the smokers will remain in their hair and clothes.

10th Examine your home after Radon, allergen and molds after the work is finished to check that you have done the job. Most people have forgotten this most important part to check that the job was done correctly.

The first thing you probably said after reading the steps is not me, it's too much. Well, guess what an allergic individual will not get better if you don't start the recovery process. Finally, if this does not work, you will find out what they are allergic to. Today & amp; 39; homes that may be allergic.

In summary, most homeowners can improve the quality of air in their homes, often with relatively simple measures that should immediately provide health benefits.

The first one keeps their homes clean. Dust is the number one cause of allergy in my experience. Watch your own home now, pull out the sofa or the board, look back and find what you find. Dust that was there for 6 months or longer.

Most people do not clean up work schedules or obligations well. They also hire inappropriate cleaning services that do a modest job of cleaning. If it happens, do it yourself, your health. Before performing the above steps, contact your doctor to see if this program is OK.

If you have any questions, feel free to call us on business hours at (954) 531-6476 or visit our website for free information about Mold and Radon.

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