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Glaucoma – What can we expect on a visual field?

Visual field testing has been performed for several different reasons, but most often for testing or treating glaucoma patients. So what's the test that Eye Doctor is asking for? You can refer to different names; automated perimetry, visual field test, threshold test, SITA (Slang for the Swedish Interactive Threshold Algorithm) or various other terms. It […]

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Protect your vision with lutein

Good idea to protect vision with lutein. But is this the best idea? Is this the only nutrient that is needed for good vision and long-term eyes? Let's take a look Some of the most common illnesses that negatively affect vision in later life years include cataract, glaucoma, diabetes retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration or […]

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Lasik Vision – Get Yourself a New Look!

Lasik is a new type of laser eye ophthalmology performed by ocassions to correct myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. Lasik is the complete form of laser-supported in situ keratomileus. This new Lasik Vision provides corrective vision for patients with complete healing and less pain! A microarray with Lasik ophthalmic surgery is used to create a flat […]

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Signs and Symptoms of Candida Yeast Infection and Symptoms of Candida Extinction

You have seemingly inexplicable and unpleasant symptoms like chronic fatigue, bad memory, clayey, irritation, anger, dizziness, depression, crying spells, panic attacks, low libido, persistent extreme tiredness, hyperactivity, sweets and alcoholism, insomnia , poor coordination and digestion problems? You may experience the symptoms of Candida infection Candida Symptoms; • Common stomach pains and digestive problems • […]

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