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3 secret strategies to give your wife

Hey man,

So, you do not know how to get your wife several times or even give his head. You do not have to worry, there are things you can do and it will be much more interesting. I'll give you three secret strategies to brainwash your wife to ask yourself. This may seem crazy, but it can be with me. The reality is that your wife would be happy to get her head every day, she does not even know. Let's do the business;)

1. The first strategy is the "fear" strategy. It works like this. Consists of two parts. The first part is crucial to your wife's head: his wife must be as valuable as possible. It depends on something. It can be money, power, or just emotionally. If he needs you, he will do his best to keep it. It has power over it. It sounds cruel, but I guarantee it's in the best interest. Your job is to make valuable money as much as you can. You can do a better job, you can win more money, be in it all the way that depends on it. This is the first part, here is the second part: The fear of loss. If you are valuable, other women will become attractive and when that happens your wife will know that if she does not satisfy her sexual needs and wishes, other women may jump and take her away. He will do everything he can to prevent it. This is one of the ways your wife can give you more headaches.

2nd The second strategy is the "reciprocity" method. It works like this. Do not expect anything if you never give up anything. Give it and you get it. Begin by eating at least twice a week your wife. Eat out like no tomorrow. If you can always get the best sex, you will do everything to keep it. Plus, if you give her a big sex, she can make her more valuable. Not only that – but you will feel like you have to pay for something and pay back your big head. This is a very successful strategy for your wife to be with you.

3rd The third persuasion strategy is what I call "brainwashing". You will need brainwashing to give you step by step more headaches, bit by bit, and sooner or later you will love giving your head, and it seems like you are going to do this forever. He himself starts the blow. How can you enjoy the blizzards while brainwashing? Use the reward system. If you do something that you love and want to continue, you reward him. Help with generosity, kisses, help around the house, flowers, whatever you want – just do it after she did what you want, not before. This is very, very important. He always rewards him after he has given you his head, not yet. Do not use cheap, persuasive strategies to head up … they do not work.

These are the basic tips that help you get your wife's head. Make sure you look at other articles that also help improve your sex life.



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