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3 Simple Things You Can Do Now to Improve Your Vision and Eye Health

I've been wearing glasses for more than 20 years and I've been very addicted to … And quite frankly, I got stuck. You are connected?

So I took it myself to improve my vision and the general victim of my eye. However, I only want to improve my vision with natural means, as I deal with the costs and risks associated with eye surgery.

I've done very little research on these issues and I want to share with you what I'm planning on my research.

1) Reduces the effects of computer vision syndrome

Have you ever heard of Computer Vision syndrome? Computer Vision Syndrome is a group of eye and vision problems associated with "working with or in connection with computer use". Various symptoms may occur, for example, tired, painful and dry eyes, eye damage, headache, slowness in changing the focus of the eye and excessive tear. I do countless computer work and experience some of these symptoms.

However, there are habits that can be developed to reduce the effects of Computer Vision Syndrome.

Creating an Ergonomic Workstation

My most common research is the 20 to 28 inches distance. The center of your computer screen should be 4-9 inches under your eyes, as your eyes look slightly downward. Your computer screen and other work (and your phone, if part of your office) are right in front of you so you do not have to look sideways, or twist your body or neck to see them.

Remove the flash in the work area

Adjust blinds or curtains to minimize sunlight. Turn the top lights off so that the brightness of the screen and the surrounding room are balanced. However do not work in the dark

Adjusting the Screen

Optimum contrast and visibility can be achieved with black backgrounds on a white background. However, the other combinations can be comfortable as long as the brightness between the characters and the background is high. It is best to avoid dark backgrounds. "

You can also adjust the brightness / contrast control and use a larger text size because readability is an important factor in visual performance. In most cases, text may be three times as small as the text.

Take a break [19459007

You can easily lose your time during the computer. You always remember the 10-10-10 rule and you should always buy a rule of 10-10-10, saying that every time you see it for nearly 10 consecutive minutes see, and focus on everything that is at least 10 for at least 10 seconds

2) Nutrition for healthy eyes

Proper nutrition is an important part of a healthy lifestyle to see

I'm sure that you have heard that carrots are good for your eyes. why? carrot carrot inooid, called beta-carotene, which transforms beta-carotene vitamin A, which is an antioxidant. Antioxidants such as vitamin A are essential for the health of the eyes. Vitamin A has become known:

  • Help Adjusting Your Eye to Light Changes
  • Eye Care Enhancing Visual Acuity
  • Preventing Cataract Generation
  • To prevent AMD blindness

C- long-term health of your eyes.

Studies have shown that lutein found in foods such as dark green leafy vegetables, eggs, corn and pumpkin can reduce the risk of AMD and may play a role in reducing the risk of cataracts.

Several times an aqueous drink. I'm sure you heard that.

Increase the intake of healthy vision-promoting nutrients. There are eye vitamin supplements specifically for healthy vision.

3) Ocular Exercises

There are cases of eye exercise. During my research I have found many references to the benefits of ophthalmic exercises and there are many natural vision improvement programs. If you're interested in learning more about improving natural vision, there are eye exercises you can try to – Free Ophthalmology Exercises

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