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40 – After the 40-year-old doctor could not tell you

Will you be looking at Lasik or any other ophthalmic surgery if you're excited about plugging your eyes or glasses? Laser surgery is definitely a life-changing surgery, but if you are over 40, you will not be able to change your vision.

The laser device changes the shape of the cornea to bend the light in other ways. The cornea is the purest part of the eye and is responsible for the majority of visual refraction. Most eye illumination, distance and astigmatism are corrected by the combination of the shape of the cornea and the total length of the eyeball.

Thus, to change the shape of the cornea to take the whole eye length to modify the basic vision will do miracles. That's why lasik, PRK and other ophthalmic surgery work and why they concentrate on the cornea.

Thousands of people who once wear glasses for myopia, hyperopia and certain forms of astigmatism are now relieved of the eyewear's concerns or relationship with Lasik.

So, who does not have glass? Is there something that surgeons do not tell patients?

When we approach the forties, another visual challenge arises. Presbyopia is characterized by its inability to concentrate on nearby objects and strikes everyone at a certain point of life. Presbyopia is a result of natural changes in the eye's eye due to the crystalline lens and the surrounding muscle tissues.

Unfortunately, many people in presbyopia believe that ophthalmic surgery will heal this discomfort. The reality is that presbyopia has nothing to do with its cornea or eye length. Therefore, altering the cornea in a way that Lasik surgery does not help the eye to regain its adaptive focus

Corneal adjustment still only creates a static change in vision, while the presbyopia dynamic function needs to be fully corrected [19659002] thanks to the writing, some experimental operations are performed to correct presbyopia, but these are not yet mainstream. Some people choose to have one eye corrected for a near distance reading distance and the other to correct the actual distance. This method is called monovision

The safest and safest way to correct presbyopia is still a good old-fashioned pair of glasses. Whether you're progressive, bifocal or reading glasses; eyeglass lenses are the only guaranteed way of correcting presbyopia.

If you are still forty years old and still consider Lasik, ask your eye care provider to correct your vision with contact lenses or glasses and then look at the book or magazine. You will find that the magazine is difficult to read and must move to see clearly.

This simple task really sews the postoperative surgery perspective. For those who had a slight relief throughout their life and decide they have forty years, they exchange a pair of glasses for each other.

Ask your doctor for presbyopia and what to expect after lasik surgery. Many still decide to continue the procedure, simply want to be informed.

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