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5 Common Common Problems, Symptoms and Treatments

Some people are experiencing some problems in their vision that may hinder their various activities. Some common vision problems include myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and night vision problems. These problems are obvious in a wide range of symptoms and many problems can be solved.

General Vision Problems

There are a wide range of vision and vision problems that may hinder the solution to the problem. person in his various activities. Low vision is a common problem today. Knowing the symptoms of vision problems is vital to taking the necessary actions while still in the early stages. Here are some common vision problems that people usually suffer, as well as the problems and the handling of vision and vision:

1. Myopia ( close vision)

One of the common vision problems today is myopia or approach. In this vision problem you only see things that are close to each other. This is because because of the elongated shape of the eyeball, the light is concentrated directly on the retina, not just on the surface. Symptoms: People with myopia often experience headaches due to headaches when they try to concentrate far away objects.

· Treatment: The most commonly used problem in the treatment of eyeglasses and contact lenses and lasik surgery. Hyperopia ( distance)

If you just see objects close to you, hyperopia or distance, we can see things far away. Thanks to this problem, they are very tough when they try to see the objects nearby. In this case, the hyperopic person has a shorter eyeball, so the light goes beyond the retina, not the surface. Symptoms: A person causes blurred vision and difficulty in the short-sighted objects distances

· Treatment: This condition is usually treated with corrective lenses. Refractive surgery can also be used to treat hyperopia

3. Astigmatism

In astigmatism, those whose problems are obscure at all distances and headaches. This is because the shape of the eyeball, which is longer than the spherical, causes two light points rather than concentrating on the retina. Symptoms: People suffering from astigmatism may experience distorted vision at all times, headaches and tiredness, and some irritation and discomfort in the face.

· Treatments: Wear special contact lenses and glasses, as well as refractive surgery is a treatment. Presbyopia

This is another common visual disorder that usually occurs due to aging or aging. Eyes lose their ability to focus on objects and things from a distance, causing blurred vision. Presbyopia usually occurs in people who are forty or more. Symptoms: Presbyopia sufferers often obscure their vision of objects close to them.

· Treatments: Presbyopia usually wears spectacles and contact lenses that can correct eyesight. Poor night vision

Bad night vision is a common vision problem. It may be an early sign of progressive cataracts. Night vision problems or, in worst case, night blindness can be treated or an inherited problem, such as retinitis pigmentosa or other severe conditions. Vitamin A and zinc deficiency are possible. Other causes: diabetes and too much exposure to sunlight. Symptoms: A person with weak night vision or night blindness is difficult to notice at night and eyes need a lot more time to darken

Treatment: Night blindness can be treated with vitamin A zinc in the diet.

Our eyes play a very important role in our day-to-day activities. There are various vision problems that may occur due to different circumstances and different stages of life. Knowing the different visual problems helps to prevent it from occurring.

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