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5 Symptoms that may indicate you are blind

Among all our senses, I think most people agree that vision is the one we would least want to miss. When we ask people about the classic dilemma of being deaf or blind, at least 80% of them will be deaf. Without vision, our life would be very different from what it was just now. Imagine you can not drive, work, or help. Our total independence would be jeopardized and we should learn a whole new way of life. Regular eye exams are one way of preserving your vision and understanding the symptoms you should not overlook. Although there are exceptions, and these symptoms do not account for 100% of blindness, it may potentially be a sign of imminent visual threats. Below is the list of visual symptoms that should never be ignored:

  1. Blinking Lights: If you notice vision, this indicates that retinal detachment or retinal detachment, which if not treated, blindness lead. Although flashing lights may be associated with harmful physiological changes within your eyes, it is best not to take the risk.
  2. Floaters: In one third of the population there are some floaters, short-sighted ones. Existing swimmers do not matter, but always go to a doctor if you ever notice something new. Like flashing lights, whether it is retinal detachment or normal physiological change. If flashing and floating occur simultaneously, there is a high chance of retinal detachment.
  3. Distorted Vision: The simplest way of distorted vision is to look at something with a straight edge such as a door frame, curled or bent. This symptom may mean that there is a macular degeneration that the Optometrist should be considered as soon as possible. The faster you see it, the more likely it is that something can be done about it.
  4. Blurred vision: If vision suddenly decreases, consult an Optometrist immediately. Suddenly blurred vision can be linked to a whole set of health problems in the eye. Do not assume that you just need to change your glasses and do nothing. It works fast and improves the chances of successful treatment.
  5. Blind spots: If you ever notice a blind eye in your eyes, seek immediate medical attention. It can be related to your eye problem or something that happens in your brain.

Although these symptoms may all seem to be a false alarm, it is not worth accidentally leaving the risk. The optometric will be able to fully assess the health of your eye and decide what steps to take in the future. Treatment Protector is a web site that allows you to find out about the health of the eyes for laser eye surgery.

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