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6 simple meals with your eyes

We are so determined to finish our work within the deadline, but have you ever thought of your dear eyes? Well, this is a food that is responsible for thought. By the way, the foods you eat can really enhance your sight so it's like a double promotion of a healthy diet with an equivalent healthy eye.

# 1: Fish

Omega-3 fatty acids rich in good cold water such as sardines, tuna or salmon keep your eyes hydrated, prevent eye syndrome and prevent cataracts. The contents of Omega 3 reduce eye and chronic inflammation of the eyelids. If you are not a fan of seafood, oil accessories can do the trick.

# 2: Refreshing Green

Foods called "green", such as spinach and salmon, are rich in zeaxanthin and lutein, which are sparkling and free of cataracts. A good and well-made salad with peas and broccoli adds richness and increases protein. What are you waiting for? Go mix a great salad for yourself!

# 3: Eggs

Eggs are not only a good bodybuilding diet, but also night blindness and dry eyes. It is considered that vitamin A and lutein are rich. The egg yolks most people do not like to eat, but the rarity of the area surrounding the pupil is dominated, which is also called macula, which improves the quality of our vision. Nowadays, there are different types of eggs, so you need to find your basics to know which genuine or plastic egg is.

# 4: Meat Love

There are some good news for meat lovers! Red Meat contains zinc that helps absorb vitamin A, which is present in carrots and other ingredients that further regulates cataract and muscle degeneration. Because too much honey is bad for health, excessive consumption of meat can cause blindness so, you need to know where to draw a line between you and your love.

# 5: Orange carrots!

I'm sure you liked crunchy carrots from your kid, at least you did something good as carrots are rich in vitamin A and vitamin C. Vitamins A and vitamin C both help to fight muscle degeneration and cataracts. Improve your ability to see clearly.

# 6: Whole Grains

Whole grains, including barley, wheat and corn, help reduce the risk of retinal damage to age. The eye tissue is enhanced, which further helps protect the eyes from dirt and light, allowing zinc content. Like the other foods discussed, it helps to prevent cataract diseases.

The food around us is in a rich nutrient content. Care of the eyes can happen naturally, at the same time it will be able to fill the abdomen, how wonderful is life?

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