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8 Great morning ideas for people who have the intolerance of wheat

Even if you have wheat intolerance, it's still a light and sinful morning. You want to start your day, but you do not want to eat wheat. This 8 morning idea awakens every morning with a real wait for a new day!

Breakfast Idea # 1: Omelet

This is a classic breakfast that does not belong to anyone's "forbidden list of wheat intolerance". Grab some eggs (or egg whites) and mix tomatoes, peppers and onions. Pour it into a hot saucepan, fold the omelet, and have a great, gluten-free breakfast!

Morning Idea # 2: Gluten-Free Grain

Although most breakfast cereals are gluten, many do not. You should be very careful about reading the tag or call the manufacturer 100% sure.
Many organic grain names, such as the Nature Route and the entire Earth, make 100% gluten-free grain. There are also specialty companies that produce gluten-free grain only for people with wheat intolerance.
The best thing is that their taste is great! These are from super-healthy crunchy rice to consumed dipped flakes.

Breakfast Idea # 3: Fruit

As you already know, fruit naturally is gluten-free. The best breakfast fruits are: blueberries, strawberries, melons, bananas and grapefruit. Fruit alone is not the most filling breakfast, so it is best used as a by-product.

Breakfast Idea # 4: Gluten-Free Toast

There are currently dozens of gluten-free spreads on the market. Choose your favorite, throw it to the toaster, top with butter or peanut butter and soon: the toast is back in your life!

Morning Idea # 5: Yoghurt

Many flavored yogurt contains gluten, so the best choice is the simple breed. You can add a delicious flavor of frozen fruit, honey and top with gluten-free grain.

Breakfast idea # 6: pancake

Of course, most pancakes are made from wheat flour, but they do not have to be so. To make an incredible gluten-free pancake, replace only wheat flour with rice flour, tapioca flour or brown rice flour. Most classic pancake ingredients are gluten-free, so this is actually the only change you have to do.

Breakfast idea # 6: French toast

This is another traditional breakfast dish that you do not have to sacrifice just because it has a wheat intolerance. Combine wet ingredients (eggs, milk, vanilla extract, nutmeg) as you usually do and allow gluten-free bread slices to absorb. Cook and throw the bread in a hot, greased pan.

Breakfast Idea # 7: Bacon

A real morning favorite! Most bacon is gluten-free, although some companies use gluten as a filler. This is another case when you need to check the ingredient label before it starts.

Breakfast Idea # 8: Porridge

The potato is consumed with great drinking. Although oats are generally not recommended to those who have wheat intolerance, other eyes such as buckwheat and millet do the same for oatmeal.

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