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A black spot in sight – What you need to know

What kind of spectacular vision do these black spots have?

Black patches of vision and field of vision are fairly common, and although this is not something to worry about, it's certainly worth taking the time to understand why and why you can feel the symptom.

Black spots are usually referred to as floating surfaces and are prone to swim outward and downward in the field of vision. The sufferers receive this for one eye or both, and are particularly sensitive in bright sunlight or in lightly colored frames. The so-called. Floaters shape and shade are subjective – fine lines, oval variants, and even spiders. Indeed, it is believed that dead cells (including red and white blood cells) and fine aggregates (knots) are vitreous proteins that are translucent to shade the retina.

Behavior and what they look like [19659002] Swimmers can be particularly annoying, especially those that are often, easily noticeable, and can be seen at a glance. In most cases, despite their annoyance, they are generally harmless, but special attention should be paid to sudden and very noticeable floaters, as they may be bleeding into the vitreous body and retinal pauses. If this happens, make sure to book a time with the local GP and it is likely that you are directly involved in an eye specialist.

How to remove these floaters

Designed to remove debris from the glass body into your eye – this is a "vitrectomy". This is a rather invasive operation, often requiring expensive and significant recovery times. It's really an option that floaters are a real annoyance or disability situation.

Natural therapies include lutein supplementation (green leaves, green leaves like cabbage, blueberries and spinach) and taurine, which helps regenerate tissues in the retina. The recommended doses are 6 mg and 180 mg. Alternative ophthalmologists also recommend antioxidants – while there is strong evidence that antioxidants, such as vitamins C, E, selenium and zinc, prevent the formation of free radicals (which can cause oxidative damage – similar to internal rust) "floaters" from vision

Finally, eye exercises help remove and reduce the severity of black spots. Effects on loosening and strengthening the muscles tightened to the lens improved the overall performance of the vision, including floating relief

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