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A daily athlete – the LASIK Eye Surgery and You

Many people are based on the misconception that LASIK ophthalmic surgery requires a long-term return, where physical exercise, training and tedious activities are not possible. This is a myth; most people can return to work the next day, and some training levels may be shortly afterwards. Now this summer is officially here and people work and play from the outside, this article discusses how LASIK's eye surgery benefits from the everyday athlete.


Run Be a weekly jogger or marathon veteran, runner athlete quickly re-routinely. After just two days of LASIK ophthalmic surgery, you can continue your normal running habits, even if you miss a half-week training or body conditioning.

LASIK's eye surgery can bring great benefits to runners by removing the following:

  • Clean and locate contact or glasses before going to or out of the gym
  • Burning, stinging and itching symptoms that contact sweat with contact and contact fluid
  • Eyeglasses cause exercise or run [19659006] sweat and condensation must be stopped and the glasses must be cleaned
  • Risk of breaks or loss of glasses during training and training

After swimming LASIK

Swim after LASIK ophthalmic surgery requires a two-week break after the day of the procedure. It is important to keep your eyes out of the water and do not immerse your head in water to maximize the protection against infection and allow the healing of re-formed corneal tissues. The 14-day chlorinated anhydrous eye keeps your eyes and reduces the odds of unnecessarily dry eyes. Ocular dryness is the ophthalmic surgical side effect of LASIK, which should be treated proactively by the LASIK eye specialist.

LASIK's long-term benefits to swimmers are as follows:

  • Minimizing the risk of eye infections as chlorinated water can cause infections in contact
  • Nice vision while swimming for those who wore glasses and could not get in touch
  • Eliminating Costs of High Cost Prescription Glasses
  • No more band guesstimation; greatly improved the purity of swimming sticks

Contact Sports After LASIK

Contact athletes with another category of individuals who can quickly regain the ability to play after LASIK eye surgery. However, this category of casual athlete requires a little extra care. First of all, the all-laser, pengemented LASIK is especially important for contact athletes. This is because the laser-made corneal lamella shows better adhesion than the knife. This is one of the reasons why the army does not allow the LASIK blade. After LASIK, for up to two days, athletes such as Racquetball, tennis, volleyball, soccer, basketball, football and baseball are worn out. These goggles should be worn for a full month after LASIK, as it is imperative to protect your eyes from sudden blows, bumps and acute trauma. However, such long-lasting goggles, LASIK eye-ophthalmologists continue to enjoy their favorite contact sports games within half a week, without ever having any training or play time.

It is generally recommended that sports where the sudden, concave, personal relationship is very likely or guaranteed is completely avoided in the first month to provide maximum security and reduce the chance of a corneal shift. The activities of karate, krav himself, kung fu and other martial arts cause more damage due to the attacking and defensive processes.

After LASIK eye surgery, daily contact athletes can eliminate:

  • Chance for broken glasses
  • Purchase of hard exposure goggles
  • Opportunities for contacts to go out or to move during games or matches
  • Damaged injuries from damaged eyeglasses
  • Sunscreen enters your eyes and responds to contact and with contact solution
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