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About aromatherapy and hydrotherapy

Our odor is the strongest in comparison to the others. We associate some odors with favorite things and those who do not. The primary reaction of man to the odorful smell has been studied by researchers of alternative medicine. Alternative medicine, in the usual ways, heals many diseases among people. The advantage of this science is that you have fewer or no side effects when treating the individual, as any drug use exists.

Alternative Medicine has developed therapies for virtually any disease based on simple and surprising substances. Who would have thought that he could cure our illness by the smell of smell? This branch of Alternative Medicine is called Aroma Therapy. It's just as unusual as this Hydrotherapy. Yes, as its name implies, hydrotherapy will dissolve undesirable agents and microbes by water.

Both aromatherapy and hydrotherapy are techniques based on each body-intervention method. Both are very effective in what they do. Not many of us know much about these two relatively new techniques.

Let's describe it briefly to get acquainted with them:


Aromatherapy uses volatile vegetable substances called so called essential oils to alter the mood or health of a person. Essential oils, the pure essence of the plant, provide quality for both physical and psychological benefits when properly used. Essential oils are very concentrated and can not be used directly. They are linked to creating 'synergy'.
In addition to essential oils, aromatherapy also includes other natural ingredients including cold pressed vegetable oils, herbs, milk powders, sea salts, clays and sludges.

Aromatherapy can be done in two ways: scent or local use, baths, masses, fillings, etc. form.

Direct inhalation is the best way to effectively calm the respiratory tract. It affects the nervous system as the aroma triggers the brain, which relieves the psychological mood. Local applications are applied to the skin and absorbed into the blood stream. Massage mixtures consist of aromatic oils that help reduce muscle pain, pain and migraine. The aromatic bath accelerates the healing of skin disorders; reduces stress, increases blood circulation and increases circulation. The use of aromatic salts to the body is also beneficial to the affected area. This method is used to treat muscle pain, pancreas, abdominal pain, menstrual cramps and respiratory congestion


80% of water is made and based on these assumptions it has been shown that water can be used effectively for the healing of several diseases of the human body.

Since drinking water is a universal solvent, it contributes significantly to elimination that accumulates in certain circumstances in the human body and causes permanent damage.

Hydrotherapy is used as a physiotherapy to treat serious injuries and muscle loss. Hydrotherapy is also used for common problems or serious physical disabilities.

Hydrotherapy can be used in various ways in bathrooms, such as hot, cold, neutral, sitz, sauna baths, etc. Cold baths improve blood flow to the tissues and reduce swelling, the steam bath is effective in opening the pores on the skin and refreshing the body. Sitz baths are used to treat broken skin and treat the genitals and urinary tract. In the case of a variety of disorders, sprays can be given and the neutral bath will lead to rest and sedation as it is similar to body temperature and has a healing effect on the nervous system and the hormone system.

Hydrotherapy and aromatherapy are all very effective and have no side effects in their use. With few exercises, both techniques can be performed

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