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Air fresheners are non-toxic Earth-friendly aromatherapy

Walk to any market, pharmacy or general store, and you see plenty of them. Only take the corridors to the unsuspecting homes to cleanse the air and create a pleasant and fresh odor. The selection of vibrant rainbow colors, shapes and shiny packages is great. You may even be tempted to buy 100 in your home and office. Affordable prices seem very attractive. Look at the package and read the wonderful ingredients. Advertisements represent homeowners who breathe fresh air when using happy, healthy, and containing air fresheners. These products have made it easy to place themselves and provide tools to clean the air and prevent them from worrying about odors and sprouts. You will never dream of being harmed or dangerous to your health.

Companies that manufacture these products families in the US and abroad believe that these products are beneficial and safe. What these companies do not tell you are that these products contribute to many respiratory diseases and allergies. If you are looking at a deodorizing package, you will feel relaxed and happy with the vibrant colors and shapes, and the ingredients will have natural scents like jasmine and chamomile. What you do not see in the ingredients, these natural ingredients are added to toxic chemicals that irritate the lungs, nose vessels and organs. According to a recent study by mothers and infants in Bristol, UK, air freshening sprays have been associated with headaches and depression in mothers and ear infections and in babies with diarrhea.

Within a long time, we know that certain deodorants contain a substance called phenol which, in small amounts, may cause nausea, vomiting, circulatory collapse, paralysis, convulsions, coma, respiratory failure and cardiac arrest. Why would anyone who owns such a product in your home would like to have a baby? We also learned recently that a well-known deodorizing disinfectant also contains Dioxin! This is the deadly ingredient in Agent Orange that can cause genetic mutation, birth defects, and cancer. One of the recent articles in Greenpeace magazine has been discussing Dioxin for a long time. The article explains that dixin causes cancer, birth defects, and reproductive problems. It also causes developmental, neurological and immune system disorders, kidney, liver and skin damage.

It does not matter if it is spilling or just plugging it into an opening and let the scent pass through the air. Air fresheners are classified as safe and safe methods of air purity and refresh, but the truth is the opposite. There is not enough fingers to count deodorants on the market. They all do the same and are both poisonous and unsafe. This will not signal because companies do not oblige the US FDA to disclose this information. The chemicals do not biodegrade, which means that residues released into the air and water do not disappear. In addition to personal exposure in their home, people can also take exposure at commercial locations, such as in a public place in a supermarket or in a restaurant. Chemicals leave a toxic residue that endangers wildlife and contributes to pollution. In order to prevent harmful diseases, it is best to avoid these toxic products completely.

A healthy safe alternative to clean air and fresh smell of pure organic essential oils. The lemon, lavender, patchouli, sandalwood, pine and winter gray organic essential oils are wonderful for cleaning and cleaning the air and for the removal of toxic and offensive odors. With natural essential oils you can not have trouble. They are non-toxic and 100% effective. My husband and I are used in our house and in our people each time we exit the door. Essential oils have a pleasant scent and many healing properties. Lemon is perfect for cleaning air and making a pleasant scent, but there are many other things. Some drops of citric oil in the water enhance flavors and destroy harmful bacteria. You can also mix it with white distilled vinegar and baking soda for cleaning and deodorizing. Peppermint is another wonderful magical herb.

Peppermint has been used for centuries with many healing properties. Helps digestion, cleanses the breath, relieves sore throat, and helps stop cold on a hot day. Peppermint is so strong that half a drop will make wizards. Sandalwood is another wonderful magical plant. Great smell and very relaxing and relaxing. It can be used to lift spirits, and it is amazed to create a sweet positive atmosphere.

There is no real restriction on the wonderful healing power of essential oils. Some are good for internal and external use, but many are used for external use only. The most important thing to keep in mind is that commercial mainstream products are best avoided. Many products are said to contain natural vegetable oils, but this is confusing and not the same. Plant oils are not clean. These are combinations of plant essences and petrochemicals. If you see ingredients like chamomile and jasmine, do not be fooled. By inhalation, these ingredients irritate the lungs and cause health problems.

For the environmentally conscious consumers, it is best to buy them in natural organic groceries. You will find many non-toxic, earth-friendly products that cure and care for all your cleaning and everyday needs. You can also make homemade mixtures with baking soda, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and essential oils. This is the myth of the need for toxic chemicals for purity and fresh clean air. People in the world use non-toxic earth-friendly products and are healthy, happy and clean. Consider this the next time you try to buy one of these toxic refreshments. Thanks for your health.

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