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Air Optix Contact Lenses from CIBA – Manage your eyes with the best

Almost all contact lens users simply do not like to remove lenses and clean them every night and wear it again in the morning. People who plan to use contact lenses instead of wearing thick and heavy glasses generally consider this aspect and tend to change their decision. Today, people are leading a very busy lifestyle, or not at all convincing them to face the additional problem that relationships usually bring with them. To achieve this, the CIBA Vision contact lens, one of the best brands, has the Optix Night & Day contact lens. These lenses are very flexible to wear the sun and the night, leading to complete visual inspection.

The overall comfort and convenience of the "wearers" has always been the primary priority of CIBA. Advanced technologies are used by the user to ensure the best service. If you have a high requirement to wear lenses or have sensitive eyes that are sensitive to dryness or do not want to clean the lenses every night, you should go to Air Optix Night and Day. In addition, these lenses are reliably cheaper and can be worn for thirty consecutive days, so they are called extended wear.

Air Optix lenses are made of a new type of radical known as Sifilcon, which is a unique fusion of oxygen and moisture, resulting in high oxygen permeability – up to five times the usual. Not only do these lenses contain a water-containing system to provide the lenses with a wet surface. Therefore, your eyes are high in moisture and do not dry out. You can sleep even if you wear these lenses.

By now the air had to become optix around the clock. Let me help you in the buying part. Consider buying online lenses online. You will find that online shopping for contact lenses is a more affordable solution than buying adjacent opticians. Online suppliers offer lower prices when buying bulk connections and have no real estate costs. If you are in India, visit to find out how unbeatable prices, convenient payment options and fast delivery in India.

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