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Allergies affect the immune system

Allergies, more disease than disease, affect a person's immune system. Allergens cause an allergic reaction and these allergens are most commonly found in the environment. Most of the allergic reactions over time accumulate in the immune system are very fast and predictable. Most people who have allergies for a long period of time know that their body reacts to the allergen. The most common allergic reactions are food poisoning, asthma, uterus or wasp chewing gum, hives, hay fever, eczema and / or grass and weeds.

Not all allergies are harmless. Some people are so serious that they can be life-threatening. People who have an allergy to a certain food may become anaphylactic, which can lead to death. Food allergy may result in lung loss and restriction of airflow if the drug can not be given immediately. Persons who are allergic to uterine strokes if the drug is not given immediately may also be in a life-threatening situation.

Doctors and allergies conduct various tests to determine whether a person is allergic to a given matter. Available treatments include steroids, antihistamines, other oral medicines, and immunotherapeutic agents, with which the body's reaction becomes allergic to desensitized.

The most common allergies include ragweed, dogs, cats, dust and tobacco smoke. How can you find out if you are allergic? Symptoms can be easily determined. These are watery eyes, itching eyes, coughing, wheezing, sneezing, or even itching on the skin. It may be allergic to medicines such as aspirin, toilenol and even penicillin. If an allergic person in these medicines accidentally loses the medicine, consult them immediately. If a bee or a bee destroys a person, eating foods that are allergic or medicated, are allergic, the most commonly used treatment on the spot is the injection of epinephrine. Epinephrine facilitates the reaction to the allergen and allows time for medical or hospital delivery for further treatment.

There are many allergies due to the high pollen count in localized areas or pollutants in the air. They cause redness of the eye, itching nose, sneezing and coughing regularly. Allergies can also be related to family history. Parents with allergies are likely to suffer from children who suffer from allergies if they are not exactly the same. Doctors use two different tests to determine allergic reactions. Skin tests and blood tests are performed. By skin examination, a doctor or nurse will grab his or her arms or back with needles with different allergens. If you have any reaction, you are allergic. Blood tests are more commonly used to determine whether a patient is allergic to various types of drugs.

Allergic treatment occurs in many different forms. Patients may use oral medicines, steroids, allergic or even immunotherapy. The easiest way to treat allergies is to avoid allergens at all costs

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