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Allergies can really be ill

How many times have you heard "I'm not sick, I'm allergic"? Although it is true that if you suffer from allergic or allergic reactions, you have no "illness" and are not infectious, but you are sick. Your body gets sick and you suffer so much as anyone who is cold or influenza, but you have to wait for them to be soldiers. While it is not entirely clear why more people are suffering from allergies than in the past, chronic allergy sufferers can damage their body without recognizing it.

Chronic allergic reactions and sensitivities (not completely suffocating allergic reactions, but a congenital immune response) may cause inflammation and make it difficult for people to lose weight or maintain healthy weight. A lot of research has been done recently, which shows that inflammation in our body has negative effects. Continuing the effect of the body on the effects is not a good idea. Allergic asthma or allergy-induced asthma may cause damage to the body, preventing you from exercising healthy activities such as exercise and may be extremely dangerous to some people. So what should you do? Over-the-counter antihistamines are able to fight the body's immune response, but this is not always effective in long-term treatment. Immune therapy may be the right solution if you suffer from migraine, inflammation, tiredness, and achy joints. Did you know it was food or environmental sensitivity or allergy? Many forms of immunotherapy, including allergic ups and sublingual (under the tongue) treatments that are used to break the body into a specific allergen. Over time, the body is exposed to a small amount of allergen, so the immune system does not react and gets used to it. The hope is that after 2-5 years the immune system will not respond to the allergen even in large quantities. For certain foods, to avoid food from time to time, it has been shown to eliminate the allergic reaction, eliminate inflammation, and allow re-consumption of food.

Recent allergy tests also identify specific allergens even if they did not react or were still exposed. Knowing that you are allergic to your baby is the first step in managing health problems caused by allergies and sensitivities that can prevent you from getting the best out of your mind. One of the allergy tests is becoming more and more common with the IgG test, which measures the body's antibody response to any allergens. If the body produces IgE in response to a food or environmental substance, the test indicates the level of reactivity to the allergen. Another test method is the changes in white blood cells to a certain substance, both in size and shape. With this test, the results indicate allergies, even if the person has never been exposed to allergens. In addition to assisting the physician, the elimination diet and / or immunotherapy may be required to eliminate the allergic reaction.

Allergic tests may be resumed after treatment to determine if the allergic reaction is discontinued. Removal of allergy means eliminating the symptoms of inflammation, migraine, urgency, and healthy weight. No need to go allergic to bed!

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