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Allergies or asthma? 5 Symptoms that can help you differentiate

Knowing the difference between allergy and asthma is of crucial importance both in the long-term control of the patient's condition and in triggering triggers and in preventing more severe and sometimes life-threatening situations. Both asthma and allergies can be caused by similar symptoms and may prove severe in the long run if they are not treated properly.

Because of such similarities with symptoms, it is sometimes difficult to identify what the cause or the issue is about allergies or asthma. Simply because someone is whistling or breathing, does not necessarily mean having asthma or asthma attacks. However, some asthmatic patients find that their breathing difficulties are triggered by the same irritants that cause some allergies. So how do you know the difference between the two? Here are 5 symptoms that help you to clearly answer the question.

1. Wet eyes. Although not every allergy occurs to the patient with wet or watery eyes, in many cases this is the case. This body is a natural way to try to dry out the irritants. In the case that the patient has allergies, the body's irritating rinsing attempts to react enormously, so the eyes may almost uncontrollably carry water, obviously not justified. In the air, a small amount of pollen or dust can be all that is needed to initiate the reaction. Wet eyes clearly refer to allergic reactions. However, asthmatics do not suffer with watery eyes, unless they get an allergic reaction.

2. Irritating or irritated skin. If the patient is suffering from itchy skin or with or without difficulty breathing, it also strongly suggests that the body responds to some form or allergenic stimulation. Skin irritations may be very local, such as the soft part of the underarm, the back of the hand or a part of the face. This pruritus can become completely unchecked so that the patient can actually damage the surface of the skin, which may appear red over time.

Asthma is generally more prone to eczema, so it is important to try to identify the difference between the allergic reaction that causes the skin itchy and damaged, as well as eczema that may cause the same symptoms. Try to identify whether breathing difficulty occurs at the same time as itching. If itching and damaged skin last for a longer period of time and breathing difficulty does not always occur at the same time, it is more likely to indicate that asthma and eczema are not an allergic reaction.

3. Swollen nose This is one of the simplest ways to identify the difference between asthma and allergic reaction, as this is one of the most important ways of rinsing and trapping allergens such as pollen or dust. The difficulties of breathing together with excessive mucous membranes allude to allergies.

4. Dropping from the ears If you notice excessive absorption from the ear, this can be determined in a humorous and probably more easily missed manner that breathing difficulty is caused by the body's allergic reaction, or asthma. Any unnecessary dropouts should be checked by a physician – do not try to handle this, or eventually push the ear canal to further damage, which would cause damage.

5. Loose skin. If exfoliating skin, such as the arm, face, or head anywhere on the body, is an allergen-based problem, not asthma. Asthma is generally very limited if you have secondary symptoms, but if shimmering skin occurs with allergic symptoms, it usually refers to allergies. Loose skin proves the absorption of the body into a certain substance – whether it is a chemical, washing powder, detergent or food.

Asthma may be caused by a wide range of conditions such as exercise, cold air, laughter, stress, strong odors, smoke, or humid air. If breathing difficulties occur under these conditions and usually occur on their own without secondary symptoms, then it is more likely that they are more asthma than allergies.

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