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Allergies to Autism – Allergies cause autism in children or get allergies to autism

Autism Allergy: The Chicken And Egg Question. Which is

Many autistic children and adults have food allergies. Because the child's digestive system has an abnormal disorder, this person's food allergies. In addition, the immune system is affected if there is digestive disorder. The diet that a child eats will not be completely digested and the un-digested food passes through the gastrointestinal tract of the individual into the blood stream. As the immune system does not recognize these undigested foods, it reacts to an allergic reaction.

This form of autism, the individual must avoid allergic food. In addition, there are also food enzymes that help to completely digest food. There are also studies that show that intestinal inflammation can stop most food allergies. This step can make a big step forward.

Allergies can be avoided by scheduling proper meals. There are people who are trying to eat during a four-day rotation. This method has to consume a certain meal every four days, and the food should not be repeated during the four-day cycle of autism's allergic strategy.

To be able to see if this shape works, you need to be careful. You should also know that allergic reactions may vary by person. Some people experience extreme allergic reactions such as rash in the various parts of the body or anaphylactic shock. Other people only have a short headache or stomach pain. Observation is important. Try to look at the skin and check for red spots on your ears, face, or eyes.

In order for food allergies to be controlled, one has to preserve the diet. Everyday food should be noted and attention should be paid to whether it can be a good source of information in the event of an allergy. In addition to observation, clinical studies such as skin and blood tests should be performed. IgE (Immediate Immune Response) and IgG (Delayed Immune Response) blood tests and more accurate than skin tests. However, these studies still have limitations. There are some observations that contradict the results of the tests and you will be surprised.

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