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Allergy Furnace Filters – Can Help With Allergy?

Indoor air pollution is often caused by dust mites and pollen; pet hair and dander; reduced air circulation and ventilation; high concentrations of organic substances; and chemicals from common household products, such as toluene, chlorine or even formaldehyde. These contaminants can then lead to an allergic symptoms, such as Hypersensitivity pneumonia, sneezing, watery eyes and other respiratory disorders.

Fortunately, for allergic and asthmatic patients, screenings of allergic furnaces reliably provide a cheap way to clean the air and have been shown to be more than 90% efficient for separating larger particles from the air than dust and dander. These high-efficiency air filters are created in the form of curved panels housed in a filter housing for a home stove or air conditioning unit and are perfect for patients with asthma or allergies because they do not use harmful ionizing or ozone to remove contaminants. Some allergy-furnace filters can be washed or recycled, but many models are conveniently disposable and dirty.

The allergic furnace filter usually consists of a frame and a filter medium. The frame allows the filter to withstand the pressure generated by heating and air conditioning. When selecting high efficiency allergic furnace filter, you are looking for models that are extremely special synthetic filter media, as they provide a combination of electrostatic and mechanical filtering to ensure lasting performance. The gradient layer of this medium can separate the particles while minimizing airflow resistance and does not absorb moisture leading to microorganisms such as bacteria and mold growth.

Another factor to consider when choosing the allergy filter is the minimum efficiency report value or the MERV rating. This measurement means the ability of the filter to absorb particles larger than 0.3 to 10 microns and can be very useful in the performance of filters in different furnaces. The higher the MERV rating, the more efficient the filter is to capture certain particles.

Finally, another advantage of the allergic furnace filter is easy maintenance. Installation is usually quite simple, as no tools are required. To install the Allergy Furnace Filter, follow these simple steps:

1. Remove any plastic or paper binder from the filter and do not cut, crush, bend, damage or remove the cardboard frame around the filter media.

2. Remove and discard the existing filter in a home oven or air conditioning system and note that the used filter may contain particles that may be re-introduced into the air by improper handling. Immediately place the dirty filter in a plastic waste bin, unplug it and place it properly.

3. Insert the allergic furnace filter into the filter opening of the domestic furnace.

Keep in mind that allergic furnace filters are very effective in damaging harmful particles, they are most commonly used with an air purifier as part of an all-out campaign that reduces allergens in the air.

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