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Allergy – Honey is capable of benefiting pollen allergies!

Every year new allergic drugs are on the market with several hours of relief for allergic symptoms. Of course, they are more potent side effects.

In addition, allergy and prescription allergic drugs only serve to mask the symptoms without addressing the octal causing them, so they need them every season. A friend said that the best season is winter, because only winter can be pollen allergy free. In other seasons, allergic drugs produce a miserable life.

I've heard cure for the healing of pollen allergy.

first Get a bottle of local honey from the farmer's market or local shops (not a supermarket).

2nd Cut whole lemons into tiny pieces and mix the lemon into the honey. And keep the lemon juice a week in the fridge.

3rd Every month, 1 or 3 tablespoons of honey with lemon pieces ate in an empty stomach for several months. Do it for several seasons.

Keep in mind that only local honey is working, as only local honey contains local pollens that cause allergies. Supermarkets collect honey from honey farms, where only one kind of flower is planned for bee nourishment.

A friend tried and worked for him. Also, I've published this drug on another site. A lady remarked that she used it about 20 years ago and was free to pollen allergies for many or many years. A year ago, it was a dreadful pollen allergy. He said he worked with him.

Scientifically, I think it makes sense. As doctors use allergic shots to treat severe pollen allergy, the shots contain only a small amount of pollen. During the slow exposure of pollen over time, the body becomes accustomed to, and the reaction to allergic symptoms disappears.

Local honey contains local pollen. Lemon replaces honey with acid, for unknown reasons, which increases the healing power of local honey.

It matters now what the principle is, there are no side effects, it is easy to do, and it is the healing of purée allergy.

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