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Another fact about Malcolm X.

Did you know another fact about Malcolm X that he once tried to deceive a known killer from his money? Yes, in his autobiography, he told Alex Haley this fact about a runner of numbers named West Indies Archie.

The memory of West Indian Archie was well known because he never had to write a song that was a valuable tool in the numbers store because the police could never catch the digits. He noted that the numbers were given by customers in any combination, and later registered.

For more than twenty years, he never left the number of customers until a day when Malcolm X, known as Detroit Red, claimed he had forgotten to play.

West Indian Archie continued and paid for Malcolm's money but later checked his betting notes and found Malcolm made a false statement.

This was a dangerous game. West India was a good reputation for Archie, because he knew that young hustlers often tried to deceive older people in their money and at the same time gain their own reputation.

The West Indian Archie shot a gun at Malcolm and demanded money within four hours. It was a deadly threat that Malcolm was forced to face or leave the city. Malcolm X decided to leave the city.

De Malcolm returned years later, having spent 7 years in jail and the Nation of Islam. He returned and found West Indian Archie, far below that level when Malcolm left.

He was now in an onboard home, he was broken and very sick. Malcolm says it hurts too much to stay a lot longer because he can not see Archie living in this way after knowing him in his best days. But another fact that Malcolm X missed in his autobiography is that Archie West India broke out because Malcolm X defeated him. After Malcolm claimed Archie lost her memory and forgot her number, many people followed the false claim until their financial supporters no longer trust her memory.

This was a devastating one for West Indian Archie, because the reputation of memory of photography was demanded by reputation in the pace of numbers. This is another fact about Malcolm X, which is important because later Malcolm X tried to destroy his famous leader, "The Respectable Elijah Muhammad."

But contrary to the situation of West Indian Archie, Malcolm X did not want to escape the death and respectable Elijah Muh the ammad will continue to flourish, and even after Malcolm X's early death, he becomes increasingly popular.

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