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Aromatherapy – Air refreshing and deodorizing soap

Clean essential oils have a wide range of therapeutic uses and benefits. The method used can influence the results. In this article I will discuss how to use aromatherapy spray to improve your health in your living conditions and mood.

First of all, please note that essential oils should never be applied purely (undiluted) to your skin. There are no exceptions to this. This includes foot or palm of your foot. When using inhaled oils, observe caution and release the oils on a cloth or cotton ball for direct inhalation.

Release your eyes from the healing presence of your own personalized spray. Enjoy your personal space with the help of the next recipe to create an aromatherapy room. Please use glass-bottle bottles.

BASIC RECIPE AROMATERARY ROOM SPRAY: To refresh and deodorize your personal and private space, and to facilitate germ-free living conditions, simply add essential oils to 4 dkg of distilled water, shake well and spray. The amount of oil used depends on the purpose of the aromatic mist.

Refresher ~ 40-60 drops of essential oil in 4 dl distilled water, shake well and spray

Recommended oils: Lavender, sweet orange, atlas cedar

deodorant ~ 60-80 drops of essential oil 4 ounces distilled water, shake well spray

Recommended oils: Lemon, Lemon, Himalayan cedar

Anti-microbial ~ 80-100 drops in 4 ounces distilled water, shake well and spray

Usable oils: lemon, eucalyptus, cinnamon [essentialoilsareanaturalsafeandeffectivewaytoboostyourhealthandwell-beingandproducesatisfactoryresultswhenothermethodsfailPleasecontactyourdoctoraboutyourhealthproblems

KG has been using essential oils for energy medicine practice for more than 30 years. During this time, healed healing for thousands of people who suffered from personal trauma, illness and injury. With the unique AromaTest (TM) system, KG cures essential oil mixtures that heal.

NOTE: There are many cheap chemical copies of essential oils, but these are not recommended for therapeutic purposes. For best results always use ethically wild form or pure organic essential oils that are free of pesticides!

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