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Aromatherapy and children

Like adults, aromatherapy works wonderfully in children as well; the cool aromatic bath in the tub is always suspiciously awaiting the children. Many essential oils can be used to treat many diseases and conditions of growing children. Care should always be taken to treat children with essential oils, though many are safe. If used at the original concentration, the oils may have a bad effect and cause burns and irritation.

The most common dose for any aromatic oil is one-third or one-third of the adult dose or 1% dilution (five or six drops of essential oil carrier), and remember that citrus may irritate the skin.

Chamomile, Melissa and fennel are usually used as a massage oil or as a herbal tea. These oils know that they relieve the various abdominal pains and cause problems that can lead to stomach problems such as consumed nerves, anxiety and agitation. Frequent issues such as colic, gas pain and nausea and food allergy are also appreciated by oils. Chamomile, fennel and licorice Melissa's fruit product helps to stop crying and colic cells. Essential oils relieve muscle spasms when babies swallow the air while eating. They use herbal water all over the world to get rid of cocaine pains. The carminating water mixture is fennel, chamomile, cumin, cilantro and bitter orange peel, all of which are known to kill the bacteria and relieve the absorption.

Most digestion problems are reduced by one simple abdominal massage using one of the oils. The anti-wrinkle oil can be formulated as follows:

2 drops of chamomile

1 drop of fennel

2 drops of dill

1 drop of Melissa gently.

Recommended treatment for children before bedtime is a lavender and camomile essential oil bath. Most children just love aromatherapy baths, especially if they have their own personal mixes. Popular scents include orange, grapefruit and mandarin – all antidepressants and relaxants. But gentle but powerful relaxing teas of nature, such as Melissa, lavender and chamomile, are the property of calming nervousness, stimulation, excited children, advancing, and sleeping cautiously.

The cool compression of lavender on the forehead makes it very necessary for headaches, insomnia or excessive fatigue. The vapor-permeable or massage oil used is safe and effective for airway congestion or infections. Other essential essential oils for mandarin, marjoram, neroli, jasmine and small grains. Tea with spicy, non-skinned, peppermint and elder flowers known to reduce measles, chicken pox or mumps; ginger with a little lemon juice is also effective. Mumps's tooth reduces thyme and gargle from thyme, rosemary or sage tea. Melissa and bergamot antiviral oils have been effective against mumps and chicken pox viruses. In children and young children, the pain of the teeth, chamomile tea and rubbing the gum with a little diluted cabbage oil with your finger.

The following formula can be used for swollen tonsils, mumps, and other lymph glands in the neck:

2 straws of hot water

8 drops lavender essential oil

is the essential oil. While the water is still warm, with a soft cloth, preferably flanel soak the water and unscrew it. Pack the cloth around the neck. Cover with a towel to hold the heat. Remove it before it gets cold. Repeat as many times as you want.

Essential oils are universal in nature because they know they work in every state every season of the year. Essential oils are extremely useful during anxiety and need; some drops of essential oil are needed to reduce the symptoms of the children.

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