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Aromatherapy and essential oil hazards: Do not be afraid of Part 2

Do not take essential oils internally and do not apply them undiluted (or purely) on the skin with two aroma therapy warnings, which we examined in Part A of Aromatherapy Risk. We have encountered during the discussion that these rules are not necessarily valid. One of the most influential aromatherapists in the world will pause both rules. The newly developed multi-level aromatherapy industry has completely disregarded these rules, actually announcing the opposite and routinely recommending domestic and undiluted local essential oils.

Multi-level Aromatherapy

A multi-level aromatherapy company, Young Life, and now the new doTERRA multi-level aromatherapy company, breaks the multitude of rules. These are an attempt to get rid of the use of essential oils. What prompts me to question another rule I still have to say – do not use badly used oils (oils with additives or not the real essential oil) because they cause irritation, they do not work and can be dangerous. Well, what we have in the trade of counterfeit Young Living oils and other well-known and widely used commercial oils, I have to say that this is another rule in question (or truth). It is a tough point for me to admit, but it may seem that people get real healing results from the use of counterfeit oils without the expected sensitivity and the so-called hazards. But please, understand this from the right perspective – Yellow Tail will only enter a $ 350 Bordeaux bottle. This deserves more details, such as natural adulteration considerations, verbal signals in the odor system and many more. Soon I will post a blog about my analysis and my thoughts.

I'm not doing more

I've just been online on a web site called "Aromatherapy". They list those rules plus some. What is the purpose of promoting aromatherapy and selling E. O. if you scare people and seem dangerous to use them? I like this rule from their website for extreme inability – "Do not use oil for more than three weeks". Are you joking? I used the same essential oils a week ago and often every day for over 20 years. I have developed my skin care for 10 years, which consists of very large volumes (for skin care) of essential oils. The only possible negative result is that I'm crazy about the oils and blogging every night. There is no point in imposing a blanket rule that would not be a good explanation. It is common in the industry to be aware of the sensitization. I saw this happen when the long-term use of the essential oil product suddenly became sensitized. This is often based on individual experiences – sometimes with skeletal knowledge of the immune system.

No fear, no caution

I must mention the legitimacy of the rules, including the previous ones. Let's name the common sense and the warnings. Oils can be constantly sensitized but very unique and not always known. There are irritating oils. Do not use cinnamon in the tub. And there are other warnings as well. Do not be stupid. Any irritant, harmful or dangerous may be inappropriate and misused. I could compare the risk of essential oils with the risks associated with the common use of overweight medicines and medicines, but another post – perhaps.

Use essential oils. "Do not be afraid

Essential oils are very safe and are very effective in preventing and reversing a long list of illnesses and illnesses, yes, there are precautions, this fear is completely irrational and unfounded.You use essential oils Use them in any way that works for you Do not use them unattended. Enjoy the natural harmony of health and well being.

Use essential oils. "Do not be afraid"

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