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Aromatherapy and essential oils – the basics

Aromatherapy is the use of oils extracted from mainly fragrant plants to alleviate physical or mental illness or illness. These oils, which are generally referred to as "essential oils", are also used to enhance or encourage positive user responses. These oils can be used directly or by inhalation of flavorings and are therefore the "aromatherapy" name. Inhaled flavors can be dispersed with candles made with essential oils, placing the oil on an object such as a handkerchief or pillowcase, mixing oil and water into air or "diffuser". The diffuser is a device that is usually available for the providers of aromatherapy products and which uses the heat to separate the selected essential oil molecules into the air.

Although aromatherapy used in other parts of the world, such as the East and the Middle East, is essentially new in Europe and the United States. In addition to the increase in the number of aromatherapy professionals in recent years, widespread interest in an aromatherapy, essential oils and related products such as candles, fragrances and diffusers has evolved and an appropriate retail market has evolved. It is now very easy to know that aromatherapy has little or nothing to buy the necessary benefits and utilize aromatherapy benefits.

Effects of Basic Oils and Aromatic Cancer

Overall, the effects can be divided into two basic groups. Some oils may have actual physical effects. For example, eucalyptus oil may be inhaled to help the sine and the respiratory system. This would obviously alleviate the symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection (URI). Some oils may be used locally (directly on the skin where they are usually absorbed or wound into the body) to alleviate swelling or fight certain infections.

Secondly, aromatherapy can usually affect the mood and the emotions by inhaling the molecules. As emotions and emotions increasingly seem to be firmly linked to the health of the body, it becomes increasingly apparent that improving mood areas can affect the actual health of the body, and simply the individual is happier or more energetic or vigilant. Studies have shown, for example, that the status of someone's emotional status may influence the ability of his immune system to fight infection.


Essential oils in other products, such as perfumes, lotions, detergents and other cosmetics and personal care products. Essential oils are also used in general products such as household cleaners and toothpastes. Many people even use essential oils with other elements to create their own products. A company also offers Health, Home and Beauty kits that aromatherapy users can use the essential oils to "create hundreds of blends from everything about women's concerns to clean bathroom tiles."


As an alternative form of healthcare, aromatherapy has recently been regarded by the traditional medical community. However, with increasing evidence of the importance of the health-and-body relationship and the increasing volume of empirical and anecdotal evidence, the scientific community has begun to accept aromatherapy and the effects of oils used in health. at least to some extent.

In recent years, researchers at the University of Medicine at the University of New York at the University of California, University of Medicine at the University of Miami, at the University of Alaska and at the University of Pittsburgh showed positive results for subjects using aromatherapy. After using essential oils, subjects have experienced improved mental and physical functions. The subjective measurements showed positive experiences among the participants, while objective measurements such as electroencephalograms (EEG) also supported this result.

Participants used essential oils to improve their immune systems, improve athletic ability and increase alertness, [19659002] PRECAUTIONS BEFORE USING OILS

While essential oils are natural products and can be disposed of directly by inhalation, you must always be careful to just inhale the container as much as you would interfere with a scent of Cologne or perfume. Do not place essential oils directly in the nasal passage. The diffuser, the candle or the object with the oil to release the molecules is the most common way to experience the actual aroma.

Essential oils are stronger, such as the essential oils found in pink sniffing are best for easier use. Essential oils usually come in small vials or bottles, and a drop is used at the same time. The products of different suppliers may be in different concentrations, so product A only needs a drop, while B has two drops.

Take time. Prolonged contact with oils may in some cases cause allergic reactions or mild toxic reactions. Always follow your dealer's recommendations and make sure you have a dealer who can and will give you warnings and recommendations

If you are using a product that requires aromatherapy product components, always make sure that you use essential oils. While the scent of aromatic flowers or plant reminders may have positive feelings for most of us, the real article will be more effective.

Unless you are under the guidance of a qualified, experienced aromatherapy, you should never ingest essential oils. Children and pregnant women can never consume essential oils.

Finally, while essential oils that have been inhaled in local applications or aromatherapy are certainly beneficial, they should never be used instead of professional medical treatment.

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