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Aromatherapy and flying high

One of the healthiest ways to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy when flying.

Certain essential oils have a remarkable ability to enhance our body's natural immunity.

When used wisely, they produce excellent preventive devices.

Every time we enter the market, the air we breathe is simply recycled – it would make unacceptable any kind of "bugga-boo" type aircraft.

Personally, I really felt that a perfectly healthy one hour flight on a plane was my throat slim and aching. By the time I came to the hotel … I had a full blown cold – Blah!

Now, when I'm flying, essential oil is always useful.

* Today's safety standards are always changing, it is advisable to contact the airlines just to be sure of the "fluid size" that you can carry on board. I'll explain another method to use essential oils without having to put the bottle on board.

~ Eucalyptus

~ Lavender

~ Grapefruit

* Each of the pure essential oils supports the body's ability to protect the infection.

* Choose an oil that is the same as you.

* available on 5 or 10 ml. bottles (I am advised to buy a 5 ml size).


~ Hold the glass for approx. 2 inches from the nose and take 3 deep breaths

~ In international battles, breathe in for a few hours

~ Use domestic flights every hour.


~ You can make several small, flat cotton cushions (used for face dyes) and apply 3 drops of essential oil to each bench. Place them in a zip-locked sandwich bag and store them in the trunk. If necessary, inhalate directly from the bag (after finishing the sealing).

~ You can do this either on the seat or if you feel comfortable, stretch your legs and walk in the washbasin.

Each of these essential oils has a large or moderate evaporation rate (that is, it is rapidly dispersed), but do not be surprised if someone close to it remembers how amazing the air smells. You can help everyone!

~ Use only with pure essential oils

~ Like all essential oils, do not use the skin directly

~ Only for Outbound Use

~ Check with the airplanes any fluid entering the airplane. You do not want to lose expensive oils.

So next time to heaven – do not forget to pack a healthy "safety net" – your immunity thank you for your support.

Be high – and be well.

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