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Aromatherapy and home candle making

What is aromatherapy? In the United States, alternative therapies are becoming more popular. Although aromatherapy can not be regarded as a "medicine", scientifically proven facts are that odors not only change our moods but also help to combat certain medical conditions. For years, they have been interested in aromatherapy and are often smoked. As I noticed the change in my mood … I was not satisfied with the fact that we burn incense smoke. I was rather burning candles. The burning candles created not only the wonderful smell, but also the candles, the remarkably less smoke and much more the brilliant mood. The trouble was that I was picky. I found candles in stores that "did the job," but I was not always satisfied with the fragrances they produced.

I had lunch with a friend who went to India and talked about the smells and aromas of spices in the streets of Goa's town. After the conversation I thought about myself … why can not I do this? … why can not I buy my house with India's scent? … why do not I get into the homemade candle? After all, it's a great way to get the exact candle and scent I want.

I started to create my perfect aromatherapy candle. I love the scent of nature … spice and wood, earthy tones, fine flowers and herbs. What I did not know at the time were many other people. They like the smells, often the overwhelming scent of retail candles. Those candles are often used to mask odors, but I wanted my candle to make aromatherapy … to promote mental, mental and physical health. The scents of the world activate a part of the brain known as the limbic system. This is where human emotions and memories are "stored". I wanted my candle to calm and revitalize.

Perfume is of course the key to making aromatherapy candles. That's why fragrance is only of the highest quality. There are many scents available in the home candle market, but you want aromatherapy to be sure you use essential oils. These pure and natural oils are made from extracts of plants, flowers and herbs.

When selecting wax, many people with soy wax. It's easier to work like paraffin and cheaper than beeswax. So I decided to go. Soybean wax is low in melting and is well-balanced, uniformly and consistently dispersed.

Before I started, I was trying to keep a close eye on it. If aromatherapy aimed at improving or comforting the mood, I knew exactly that … specific. I used to work with essential oils before, and I knew they could be strong enough. Adding a few drops at the same time is key, as you can always add, but if you smell the candle … there is no way to take it out.

I have to say I made some experiments along the way. Some worked well while others did? … not too much. But I started a "candlelight record," a kind of diary. In time I looked back at the results and decided where to go … when to experiment and when to go with experience. Now, as a result, I have a small business. I see a great pleasure in the notion that not only my candle brings the beauty and glamor of people in their home … but this is also the soul.

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