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Aromatherapy and the importance of smell

To create a mood you can create a scent. It started with aerosol spray for scented dried flowers and painted wood chips, then for more sophisticated freeze-dried flowers, fruits, nuts and berries. Now consumers and aromatherapy have discovered the essential oils. Essential oils come from aromatic plants

In aromatherapy, inhalation of essential oil is the most preferred method of application in the mouth and in the local. The three modes of administration make inspiration the fastest.

When inhaled into the nose, the chemical components in the essential oil bind to the orbital receptors. The odor molecules affect our brain, especially the limbic system, where memory and smell are. The limbic system is also referred to as an emotional brain. Likewise, nasal or oral inhaled molecules are also in the lungs and interact with the respiratory system.

Oils can be diffused into the air in many ways. Many aromatherapy enthusiasts like the electric aromatherapy diffuser. This method puts its scent in the air, there is no heat that is best for the oil. It gets the best smell and preserves most of the properties.

If you do not want to invest in a diffuser, try the potpourri or steamed pot with experimenting with essential oils. To maximize the dispersion of the aroma, place ten drops of oil in the water. You can also buy brass or porcelain candle rings that are filled with oil and a light bulb. Burning the bulb frees the smell

You can try dry evaporation again. Use cotton ball or tissue, place several drops of essential oil and allow to evaporate. Another way is rubbing or deodorizing essential oil into the air. In a spray bottle add some drops of essential oil in water and mix well.

Some essential uses for aromatherapy essential oils:

o Prepare an aqueous solution of peppermint oil to stimulate vigilance. An aqueous solution of citrus oil can improve the immune system

o Do you have a big test or presentation? Add a few drops of rosemary or basil to the diffuser or the ring ring. These oils have good focus, concentration and memory.

o When using guests, use spices or gourmet oils that stimulate appetite and help digestion. Lavender, cardamom, cumin and spice paprika are a good choice.

o After dinner, the guests are too relaxed to prevent rosemary and basil stimulation and conversation.

o Evergreen oils such as pine, fir and spruce like orange and grape fruit are pleasant and uplifting. You can even throw a small soup to calm down.

o Citrus oils, as well as lavender and grand maggot can reassure worn children or stressful adults. Just put a drop on a pillow or a handkerchief and let the scents blotch daily trauma

o If you want to create a seductive atmosphere, the delicious smell of sandalwood can send your feelings. This erotic aroma that passes through the boudoir or the bath recalls the "1000 Arab night".

o Cold or sinus trouble? The eucalyptus penetrates into the nasal mucosa and creates a welcome breath. Eucalyptus fragrance can also enhance creativity.

o The oil is perfect for preventing the disease and makes great additions to cleaning solutions. Oregano oil is 28 times as disinfectant as phenol, which is a common ingredient in household cleaning products.

o For bedtime before bedtime, mix the lavender with ylang ylang, rose, marjoram or jasmine essential oils for deeper relaxing sleep.

o The geranium is very well matched to the lavender, just like the chamomile known for its soothing properties.

But contrary to humanity's belief, aromatherapy not only causes some odor. Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils for therapeutic purposes. Doctors select only the clinical mode of administration, i.e. the inhalation or psychological effects of respiratory tract infections; swallowing bowel complaints; topical for burns, skin and muscle disorders

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