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Aromatherapy and your physical and mental health

Have you recently noticed how tired you are? Even after a "good" night sleep, does not it seem like this is happening? When someone greets you, "Hello, go!" He paused. Enter file response "Great!" or even in fifty miles radius you can bring everyone to a chain? Is exhaustion overwhelming you?

Well, they're stressed. Period.

Stress is one of the most important factors for most diseases today. Most people feel that they do not have enough time anymore. Everything is on it. Ready, ready! Hurry, hurry, because if it does not fall!

It is known that stress causes and exacerbates cancer. Stress strips contain valuable minerals and vitamins from our bodies that can cause anything from bad teeth to heart attacks to become fat.

If you do not take your time, you will shorten your time. You probably need to learn how to relax.

While there are a lot of things that remind me that you can feel relaxed, maybe not really. For example, watching TV is not relaxing. It is pulled out and can cause a lot of stress. Hearing that someone killed 50 people in kindergarten does not help reduce the level of stress. Or look at advertisements that tell us how disappointed we are, but how to make their products more socially acceptable. Yes, it did not reduce this stress!
And I'm sorry, but I'm loading the motor home and traveling? Well, the driving tension, the tire charging of the engine compartment, as gas means more than the rotten object's monthly fee and stress when you get exhausted when you get back.

What you have to pay attention to is simple. You are. Take time for your body, mind, and mind.

relax. There are many good ways to do this. Practice is good. But you do not want to run in a hundred yard! Try yoga. You can do it in your home.

Anything you can do at home will be more beneficial for several reasons.
You do not have to drive anywhere, you do not have to change your clothes and / or showers in a weird environment, not competitive, and there is no aggravation of other pissed off people who are pushing the goals that have been achieved so far!

The only thing I want to discuss now is Aromatherapy and Bath.

Benefits of Baths

Baths are not just pure, five years old or women. Baths are a great way to relax, reduce stress levels, release toxins, improve blood circulation and meditation time, and help you get good night's sleep – the kind you really refreshed.

Make sure your bathroom is clean and warm.

Collect some nice fluffy towels and get a comfortable dress when you get outta.

Light candles to a soft, relaxing light to add to the soothing atmosphere

If you love a glass of wine, take yourselves to the bath. (If you find drowsiness, go out)

Add bath salts and essential aromatic oils to bath water (No, that's not a chick thing and a lot of really nice people have man scents). While bubble baths are beautiful (and sexy), they do not have the same effect as salts.

Some of your favorite songs (But I do not really recommend White Zombie)

The deep-breathing techniques of the bathtub help loosen the body. In order to breathe deeply, place one hand on his chest and one on his stomach. Breathe slowly at your nose through the five, then through your mouth. If you breathe efficiently, the hand on your chest will not move.

Salt Benefits

Marine Salt Why Sea Salt Benefits? Magnesium is important for the fight against stress and fluid retention, it slows down the aging of the skin and soothes the nervous system. Calcium effectively prevents water retention, increases blood circulation and strengthens bones and nails. Potassium energizes the body, helps to reduce skin moisture and is a critical mineral to fill intestinal motion. Bromides promote muscle rigidity and muscle relaxation. Sodium is important for lymph fluid balance (this is important for the immune system to function). So you can see that bathing in quality sea salt can fill your minerals critical to our health.

In Dr. J. Machtey 1, a study on the health benefits of bathing in sea salt in 103 patients with osteoarthritis and tendinitis. Patients were treated with a 7.5%, 2% or 0.5% salt of sea salt bath. Improvement was observed after the first seven treatments, with 7.5% or 2% salt bath. At the end of the study, 80% of patients reported less pain; 70% experienced better mobility and 60% reduced the use of analgesics. Dr. J. Arndt 2 studied the effect of sea salt bath on psoriasis. Fifty patients were treated for 3-4 weeks with 3 to 4 baths a week. In less than 1 week, many patients with 10% salt concentrations in baths experienced significant improvement. This improvement included relief of itching, sleep disturbances and skin drowsiness. There are no side effects for treating marine salts.

Epsom Salt

Use Epsom salts for clear and peeling. Researchers have found that increasing magnesium levels can have the following benefits:

Improve heart and circulatory conditions, reduce irregular heartbeats, prevent arterial hardening, reduce blood clots, and lower blood pressure.

Improve your body's ability to use insulin, reducing the incidence or severity of diabetes.

Flush toxins and heavy metals from the cells, relieves muscle pain and helps the body in removing harmful substances.

Improves nervous function by regulating electrolytes. Furthermore, calcium is the mainstream conductor in the body and magnesium is required to maintain adequate calcium levels in the blood.

Getting rid of stress. Excessive adrenaline and stress are thought to drain natural stress-releasing magnesium from the body. Magnesium is needed for the body to attach a sufficient amount of serotonin, a mood-raising chemical in the brain, which gives a feeling of well-being and relaxation.

In addition to its higher magnesium levels, Epsom Salt also delivers sulphates that are extremely difficult to pass through food but which are easily absorbed through the skin. Sulphates in the body serve a number of functions that play a vital role in the development of brain tissue, muscle proteins in joint proteins and digestive system walls. Sulphates also stimulate the pancreas to create digestive enzymes and are believed to help detoxify the weight of drugs and environmental contaminants.

Benefits of Essential Aromatic Oils Aromatherapy is the use of fragrant essential oils from plants to treat the diseases of the mind and the body. The fragrances of these oils produce a variety of responses, stimulating the odor and other sensory organs that are linked to the emotional control brain regions. This means that essential oils have a direct effect on human condition. The chain of natural chemical reactions triggered by this stimulation results in physical and / or emotional changes. Smell has a profound effect on how we physically, emotionally and mentally respond to our environment. Inhalation of these oils may also affect the release of the brain's chemical serotonin. Aromatherapy is great. It works. Proven to work. Even large companies use their aromatherapy in their shops or lobbies to reassure them or re-organize them: to buy or raise the mood.

Oil Use

Each oil is unique in a variety of applications. They can be used in electric or candle diffusers, mixed with water, spray, directly into the bath and massage on the skin, or by adding soaps, lotions and shampoos. Oils help rejuvenate the skin, relieve stress, enhance mood, restore vitality. Try them on a daily routine for refreshing and calming results.

Make a photographed seal on your face and neck by adding five drops of preferred oil to a bowl of warm water. Fill a detergent into the water, then apply your face and neck for five minutes. Repeat three times. Pat with a Dry Soft Towel
Simply finish the pain of headaches by pouring a drop of lavender oil into your neck.

Evaporation: Add 3 to 6 drops of essential oil into a humidifier or atomiser to diffuse the aroma therapeutic benefits.

Steam Inspiration: Add 3 to 5 drops of essential oil to a pan of hot water to the face steam bath. Place your head in the pan with a towel over your head to keep it in the steam.

Stress Level vs. Sleep Quality

It has been discovered that there are different types of sleep. The deep or slow wave of sleep preceded the period of lighter sleep. Furthermore, the dream time (REM) always came at the end of the "sleep cycle". Sleep cycles in a human being last one and a half hours, so we tend to sleep in multiple times of 90 minutes. Deep sleep is a very necessary form of sleep that we tend to miss because of stress. I'm not good enough to jump into your turmoil and hit the bag. Get ready for sleep. One way to prepare is relaxation. The hot bath with bath salts relaxes and soothes your muscles and prepares you for a better sleep.

Stress Level vs. Your Weight

Fatty or slim, your stress level affects your weight. If you think, "Well, that's great, I'm so thin," that's a good idea to think about it. It is possible that the height and the bone structure are not sufficiently weighted. And if they are overweight, they must be resolved. Many people are likely to have at least two or more "diets" in their lives. However, one of the biggest problems with diet is that you get stress on your mind and body each time you get a diet. First, in your mind, every minute of every day, you are thinking of a certain level. What to eat, what can not you eat if you have to eat if your co-worker notices you have wiped that chili cheese dog out of his desk? All important issues, but any addition to excessive stress levels. Stress in the body, only because of the loss of weight, or the loss of vitamins and minerals, because in most diets you get the nutrient you need, then stress you get to your mind and body when it returns everything.

Stress Level vs. Viability in Workplace

Even if you love your job, stress can still be an important factor in your workplace. Decompression time is required. If you do not block some time during the day, it will always come back and the melting effect may be catastrophic. Even if you do not report on ballistic ballistic shooting, this can be a major health problem. If we go, we go to the bathroom for 15 minutes, it's better than nothing and it can be a great office gossip!

Stress Level vs. Your Family

Yes, I know I love you to death. And maybe they can do the same for you! Regardless of the dynamics of your family, married or not, children or not, most of us have a family, even if this is a collection of "loved family friends". Whatever the case, the family must understand that it needs some time, daily, weekly or monthly sales.

Studying stress management can make you healthier and save her life.

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