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Aromatherapy at home

Aromatherapy has been practiced for centuries, without the benefit of the imaginary name. The generation born after homeowners was proud to create the most fragrant and visually appealing decorations to beautify their homes and relieve them in minor illnesses, from headaches and anxieties to insomnia and soothing, damn infants.

Just a few wonderful herb recipes. It is very easy to use the things you probably already have around the house (okay, maybe not the orris root – without the blend you'll be fine, but the scent will not last long). Treat yourself to these very welcome, ultimately this little thing …

Comfortable and relaxing, relaxing sleep and relief from bad dreams, worried thoughts, and evil memories.

herbal pillow (or a pseudo-pillow as some call it)

In the old days, full matresses were made from aromatic herbs to encourage calm sleep and protect bugs. Herbal pillows also provided therapeutic goals: they doubled as respirators and mild antiseptics to help people recovered from long illnesses. Nowadays, the much reduced version of the plant cushion is small enough to slip on the back of the cushion (usually about 5 "x 8"). Generally is made of cotton or muslin material and should be smooth and flat

In addition to the material you will need: aromatic herbs petals, lavender, hops and chamomile (19459004) (usually orris root, keeps the scent longer)

filler ( buckwheat, hops or simple cotton)

The ratio of filler to herbs 2/1. Mix everything well in a bowl, do not forget to add some drops of essential oil. Fill the padding and sew the fourth seam. If you want to know what's in my bowl – mint, basil, raspberry, chamomile, goji berries and mint oil

Place the idol in a plastic baggie for 24 hours to mix the scents for a while together. Enjoy

If you replace muslin with a terry cloth (any color towels) and filler with a sponge, the blend will make a wonderful bathrobe.

Place the spice mixture and the goblet in a pea and throw it into the bathtub with a nice bath tea. (Aromatic oils plus) The dried herb fragrant pouch

As stated above, it can be suspended in the closet, folded between the sheets or placed in the drier (which fills it all) (1965), violet verbena and mint .

For a spicy twist, try to dry citrus fruit vanilla beans and cloves . The little baggie was filled with apple cinnamon dumplings: dried apple, pear and strawberries cinnamon sticks cloves vanilla and dried apple crabs . This is a very friendly smell of the following festivals. The eyelid is roughly the same as a pseudonym, just smaller, and its porridge, hops or buckwheat fillers. The weight of the pillow, combined with aromatic oil, usually with lavender, is a relief for insomnia and headaches. A small pouch lavender, chamomile and dill filled somewhere near the baby's crib makes it easy for the little girl to fall asleep. The name of the "dumplings" comes from a word that actually means "going to sleep".

Choose a hard-scented red winter apple; starting at the end of the flower, stick the cloves up to the entire surface except for the equator where the ribbon goes. Roll up the half orris root, half a cinnamon, a pinch of cloves. Pack paper and place it in warm place for 10 days. After 10 days shrink and dry. Connect the ribbon and put it in the kitchen, in the bathroom or in the closet, or give it as a gift.

And last but not least, any mixture of cedar or lavender suppresses butterflies and keeps your favorite cashmere sweaters without holes

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