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Aromatherapy Bath Oil – 4 relaxing aromatherapy bath oil recipes that melt away stress

Mental and physical stress may increase in the body and in mental health. During the great stress, it is good to escape the world and enjoy a beautiful, warm therapeutic bath where you can sit, relax and meditate. Instead of buying commercial bath oil and whirlpool soap, you can make your own relaxing relaxing aromatherapy bath oil and mineral bath salt.


A stressful day can be tense in tired muscles and can cause a variety of pain and pain. You probably heard that a hot cup of chamomile tea relaxed by relaxing nerves. The chamomile bath has the same effect, while relaxing the tense muscles.

Kamilla Bath Recipe

Steam 6 chamomile tea bags in 3 cups of hot water for half an hour. Remove the bags. Add 2 cups of milk powder. Pour the mixture into a warm bath.

Lavender Bath

Are there troubles when sleeping?

Do not overcome sleeping pills. Instead, relax in a warm lavender bath before going to bed. Lavender helps to enjoy deep, relaxed sleep and reduces stress.

Lavender Bath Salty Recipe

In a small bowl, combine 1/4 cup of Dead Sea Salt, 1/2 cup Epson Salt and 10 drops of Lavender Oil. Pour the mixture into a warm bath.

Pastry Mix

Inflatable and ready to take the world after soaking in the mental bath. The Mint stimulates blood circulation and helps to pump the oxygen into natural energy in the body. If you have no energy, a mint bath will wake you up quickly!

Whirlpool Recipe

In a large bowl pour half a cup of Epson salt. Drop 2 freshly minted mint leaves. Rub the leaves over the salt for several minutes until the salts do not soak the mint leaf oils. Epson salts with mint infusion are only added to the hot bath.

Flower Bath

In the mood of love?

A delightful flowerbush ensures the warm fuzzy and makes a perfect mood for a romantic encounter.

Flower Blossom Recipe

Roll several rose petals and throw them in a jar. Add 2 ounces of grape oil, 5 drops of jasmine oil and 5 drops of ylang ylang oil. Shake the bottle to mix the oils well. Allow yourself to sit overnight. Run a bath and add 1/4 cup of flower oil. For more romantic touch, fresh rose petals are dripping into the bath water.

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