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Aromatherapy Christmas Recipes

The fragrant feasts

When we remember our childhood celebration, one of the most important things we remember is odor – evergreens, cakes, hot turkey, fried potatoes, spicy orange and sweets. Immediately, we ship back in time. So how can we recreate magic and maybe add something new? Here are some recipes, ideas and suggestions to add an aromatic celebration to these year's festivals.

Potpourri or diffusion blends

These are fine blends for potpourri use or diffusion. Add 8-10 drops to a diffuser and 4 drops of ounce. Use only twice or triple recipes to create a larger amount of a given mixture.

5 drops of Cedarwood
5 drops of Juniper
2 Cypress Drop
6 Drops Spruce

This mixture can refresh trees or wreaths or use it if there is no fresh wood.

Orange Spice

12 drops of orange
7 drops of cinnamon
5 drops of ginger
1 drop of spruce

Any such mixture can be used for packaging or cards as well. Simply place more drops on a cotton ball and place it in a Ziploc bag or larger plastic bag for the paper or cards you want to smell. Make sure the oil does not touch the batteries so that they do not stain them. Leave them overnight and get nice fragrant cards and packs.

Christmas Decorations

Combine the following ingredients and mix thoroughly:

1 cup of cinnamon
1 tablespoon. clove
1 tablespoon. nutmeg
C apple applesauce
1 tablespoon. sparkling stars
2 tbsps. white glue

If everything is mixed, throw it out like dough and cut the molds using a cookie cutter. Place holes to hang from the tree. Within 5 days, dry. As they are dried, regularly turn them on.

Rejuvenating Holiday Stress

We all know how stressful you may be to try and have fun! So here is a mixture that helps to turn off the edges.

7 drops of lavender
4 drops of chamomile
3 drops of incense
6 drops of Clary Sage

This blend can be used in the diffuser or rub on the wrist and behind the ear. You can add it to 1 gram of vegetable oil and use it in the bath.

Simple Holiday Candle

Light candle and wait until wax melts on top. Then add 1 drop of sparkling, bay or mandarin essential oil

Festive Calf Wine

Mix the following in 2 tbsp. Honey:

1 drop of cinnamon
1 drop of clove
2 drops of orange
2 drops of mandarin

Cool 4 cups of red wine in a non-metallic pan and add honey / stir well during heating. When the wine begins to bubble, remove it from heat.


Add three drops of ginger essential oil to a biscuit with a gingerbread biscuit to taste a really fresh ginger.

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