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Aromatherapy Dangers: Do not be afraid

Essential Oils (E O) will tell you when you do something stupid. It works just this way. So do not be afraid. Open the bottle a few drops – and use them.

Early aromatherapy days were full of don & # 39; ts – The two biggies:

• Do not use E O undiluted directly on the skin

• Do not include EO internally

OK. So I'm here, a Buddhist aromatherapist who was sitting in front of Dr. Daniel Pénöel, an expert in aromatherapy and aromatherapy who used the essential use of essential oils. some of which are in the highly regarded "hot" and irritating oils. ALL RIGHT. What about this?

– He breaks the rules. 19459005

To this day, 20 years later, these "unwanted" are still playing a major role in the aromatherapy rule book. NAHA, the most enduring aromatherapy organization in the states, does not allow members to use EO as their membership in undiluted skin or internally. Additionally, members using "Raindrop Therapy" do not allow the use of EO using Gary Young's multilevel aromatherapy developer. By the way, Raindrop Therapy is Young's redesigned "Live Balding", "Dr. Pénoël's name", which supplies a large amount of undiluted oils to the spine. I think he will leave Dr. Péno from NAHA. You pull me out too. Yes, I use and recommend the EO internally if I use it, and use it directly, undiluted (or "purely") on the skin. I'm "not" doing Raindrop Therapy. Not interested in ritual styling. But I will enjoy the scent if not just because I'm saying "I use an abundance of essential oils".

Too much fear with EO. Do not do this, do not do it, it will hurt you and it will kill you. I do not think so. One of the things that the mulit-level aromatherapy world has shown to us is that EOs do not adhere to the rules. If necessary, they will bite, but not in our fears. Used undiluted – no problem. Bring them inside – no problem. But just smell the beautiful, non-contraindicated essential oil lavender and break out a glittering rash. There are reasons for this and other types of E O unexpected quirks. E has its own rules. It is often inconsistent, difficult to determine, and individually. This is the theme of another blog.

The rules of nature, not ours

The point is that nature does not care or keeps our rules. The use of French Aromedicine and the "irresponsible" use of the recent multi-level armies has proved this. Essential oils are safe and can be used with consciousness and respect in any way, even if this knowledge is not supported by the aromatherapy facility. If you do something stupid, the oils are familiar with the use of cinnamon in the bath. I diluted the cinnamon, just not enough. My part screamed, but it works very well – no damage. The oils said I was doing something stupid, causing temporary irritation – I'm fine and I will not do it anymore.

There are contraindications and there may be safety concerns regarding the use of essential oils and possible irritation. Carefully and aware of the essential oils – do not be afraid.

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