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Aromatherapy – essential oil or snake oil?

Take a deep breath. Smell it? In recent years, aromatherapy has been taken over in Western culture. It is possible to inhale an aroma that is intended for rest, relaxation, energizing or balancing. Adapting to our capitalist roots, this ancient healing art became a great business. Aromatherapy is now used by deodorizers to clean detergents. What is behind this sensational trend and why is popularity thriving?

Aromatherapy is usually used in alternative medicine. While many forms of natural healing can be followed to our eastern neighbors, aromatherapy is a product of the French. The modern term aromatherapy is often called French chemist Rene Maurice Gattefosse. It is said that Gattefoszse burned his hands in the laboratory and brought it into the nearby liquid, which was a lavender oil. Her hands were healed without scars and began to look at the healing and psychotherapeutic benefits of essential oils. The II. During World War II, another Frenchman, Dr. Jean Valmet, used antiseptic essential oils, and aromatherapy later received holistic therapy for Madame Marguerite Maury's efforts. Thank you Madame Maury for the use of essential oils in massage therapy.

There is no condemnation that fragrance plays a significant role in our lives. Our sense of smell can help you discover the danger, indicate how to eat and influence the mood. In 2004, he won a Nobel Prize for American researchers, Linda Buck and Richard Axel, to discover 1000 genes and receptors to detect odor. In awarding the coveted prize, the jury remarked: "The unique odor can evoke a variety of memories from our childhood or emotional events – positive or negative – later in life."

Aromatherapy specialists use essential oils for the treatment of essential oils, pains and pains and psychic diseases. In many countries, essential oils are regulated and doctors can write. Japan, Germany, Russia and the United States do not recognize aromatherapy as a valid branch of medicine. Detectors, though not minimizing the role of smell in human life, refute the healing power of the oil. However, both scientific and non-scientific communities agree that the aroma has an impact. For most of us, it does not take scientific evidence to enforce the relationship between the aroma and the brain. The fragrant aroma of some foods is squeezed in seconds, the smell of roasted flavors can arouse the feeling of comfort and refresh and rejuvenate with the miraculous power of peppermint.

In the West, illumination therapy has little to do with healing disease and even more in the healing mood, hence popularity with household articles. Lavender oil is sedative and is linked to male sexual activity. The sweet, spicy smell of basil increases concentration and increases depression. Tea tree oils referring to the antimicrobial properties of microorganisms are often found in hair and skin care products. Even skeptics accept that mint and eucalyptus relieve the drooping nose caused by drowning and flu. Perfume industry has always been in the mood of fragrance. The odors are sensual, sexy, soothing, refreshing, natural and romantic. Market halls use scents to create a mood. During the festive period, all lighting and aromas are designed to get a greedy, cheerful shopping atmosphere. Of course, they do not deny the difference that the perfume oils are doing under the massage.

If you're interested in real aromatherapy, it's best to look for a trained specialist, like holistic physician. Oils may be very effective and, if used improperly, may irritate the skin or cause serious reactions such as hepatic impairment or seizures. If you simply enjoy the scents and the feeling you feel, you must let go of your passion. Even judges can not deny that if a particular smell or smell feels better, it can burn, spray, or warm. Whether scientifically justified or not, feeling good is a worthy advantage.

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