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Aromatherapy essential oils and skin care

It is known that essential oils affect our emotions and the mental state of our welfare. In most cases this is what the essential oils intend to do. Plants, shrubs, herbs, trees, roots and resins that are harvested to make essential oils have their own vital force. This energy passes through the body, which creates the desired changes in our emotional state. What many people ignore, essential oils are the benefits of skin care.

Skin is the largest organ in the human body, which accounts for about 15% of our body mass. Therefore, it is important to treat our skin with the utmost care, our skin with proper attention and indulgence. The benefits of essential oil depend on the skin to relieve pain from minor burns to rejuvenating skin cells to improve the tone of mature skin.

Below is a list of some popular essential oils and how to treat them differently in the skin. It is important to note that most essential oils need to be diluted in water or carrier oil before coming to the skin. Some oils are phototoxic, especially citrus oils, which means that the chemical compound of the essential oil may be toxic to light; so avoid sunlight as soon as possible after applying oils to your skin.

Bay – Add some drops to your shampoo to help check dandruff.

Bergamot – Add some drops to a non-gentle mild moisturizer to moisturize the dry, damp skin.

Carrot seed oil To reduce the visibility of your spider, mix 2 drops of 1 tablespoon vegetable oil and massage the affected area once a day, preferably in bed.

Eucalyptus – Use a few drops of small pieces or residues.

Stubbornness – To promote smooth wrinkles, mix more drops with a vegetable suppository oil and massage your face and neck every night before bedtime.

Geranium – Get a massage that uses this essential oil. Geranium with diuretic and stimulating properties helps to increase blood circulation and to treat cellulite in a preferred way.

German chamomile – put undiluted drops on the cold pain between the first signs of the outbreak.

Juniper – Treatment of acne or eczema can be done by diluting 4 drops with a carrier oil and applying it several times a day to affected areas. Cinnamon stimulating essential oil, so try to avoid the application before bedtime.

Lavender – Apply a mature, aging, dry, patchy skin with lavender floral water (2-3 drops of lavender with a single filtered water). The lavender properties of the lavender help the skin tone.

Marjoram – Make a cold cake with several drops of mica, which is diluted with a tablespoon of carrots oil to roast areas to accelerate healing.

Myrtle is mixed with 8 drops of blueberries and a tablespoon of carotene wash cloth and place the skin areas affected by shingles to bind.

Neroli – Add a few drops to a mild scent-free body lotion and use it as a facial cream to renew mature skin.

Peppermint – Also good pain relief and itching from shingle, some drops of mild deposits and affected areas.

Rose – Softens the swollen, tired eyes while pulling a few drops of cool, purified water. Soak the gauze pillow in the flowery water and put on the eyelids and goggles under your eyes. Do not forget to ignore essential oils in your eyes.

Tea Tree – Apply a cool tea tree to compress the insect bites to treat pain.

Carrot – Apricot anti-inflammatory properties help hide skin rashes. Or create a cool compression or massaged diluted cup directly into the affected areas.

There are more essential oils than those listed above for skin care. Keep in mind that no matter which essential oil is used for a particular skin and the benefits of your skin, you will also receive the aromatic benefits of emotion and psyche.

Exclusion of liability: I am not a physician or a licensed aromatherapist All information herein is for guidance only. Please search professional advice for any condition

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