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Aromatherapy – Evening Primrose Essential Oil

Evening Primrose, this plant ponders North America. The flowers of the plant are very strong and sweet, which lasted for only 4 months in the summer. From June to October.

This flower has been used for centuries to treat various skin and musculoskeletal disorders. Our Native American ancestors discovered that the whole plant was edible and used as a painkiller. In Europe PMS is proven to be handled. It is said that the evening rabbit's crust and leaves have tight and soothing properties.

It was effective in treating gastrointestinal disorders, cough and asthma. The evening quartz is a rich source of essential amino acids such as Omega 6. Omega 6 is a fatty acid that helps to deliver oxygen in the body through the blood stream and produces electrical currents.

Amino acids help fight the body against allergic reactions and inflammation. As mentioned above, fatty acids also produce electrical currents, which is vital to cellular conductivity. Essential fatty acids deliver vitamins and oxygen to the cells as well as increase or aid metabolism. Essentially essential, every part of your body needs fatty acids. The brain, the heart, the eyes, the main sensory organs, as well as many glands. These essential fatty acids behave like cleaners to eliminate the toughened fat stored in the body.

They also participate in a healthy heart, regulate the stability of DNA and RNA, and can even help reduce weight. [0.6%] Beta-sitosterol [12-22%] Flour [0.3%] Methionine [0.6%] Phenylalanine [0.7%] Proline [0.6%] serine [0.9%] threonine [0.4%] tryptophan [1.6%] tyrosine [0.4%] valine [0.6%] and many other small amounts of the compound.

One of these compounds, known as gamma linolenic acid, is polyunsaturated fatty acid. GLA is short, it helps the body's energy. Once GLA has been introduced into the body it is transformed into a substance called prostaglandin. Prostaglandins have anti-inflammatory properties. Prostaglandins can also function as blood thinners and vasodilators.

These hormone-like substances are produced in the body's tissues. The lack of prostaglandin can significantly reduce transmission of neuronal pulses, clotting time, inflammation and weakened immune response.

Night crinkal oil is beneficial in diseases associated with essential fatty acids, as gamma-linolenic acid is highly concentrated. It is useful in the treatment of arteriosclerosis, high blood cholesterol, asthma, allergy, PMS, headache, RA, skin irritation, anxiety, water retention, breast pain, depression, cough and irritability.

It stimulates the digestive system, the liver and the spleen.

Other uses of Evening Kankal include acne, eczema, hyperactivity, MS and nails strengthening.

There are a number of other conditions that test for Eating Thirst for Efficacy, including Breast Cancer, Heart Disease, ADHD, Gastric Ulcers and certain bowel diseases. Although the studies were promising, there is currently not enough comprehensive evidence.

A person with seizures may only use omega-6 supplements under the supervision and supervision of an authorized physician. Omega-6 fatty acids have been reported to have seizures in people with seizures.

Remember when you buy evening crinkle oil, it is important that the glass contains the amount of gamma linolenic acid and linolenic acid. The ratio of quality oil, GLA is 7-10% and LA 40-75% (several percent is always better).

When you order a company and do not list at least two components with the product. It is convenient to contact them and get the percentage of the two compounds.

The evening pub with 10.3% GLA and LA 75% is probably the best that can be obtained and is available as carrier oil. The evening pub can be used throughout the body. It can be used as a base oil for mixing a favorite blend of essential oils with any special disease of the body. Acne, dry, scared, discolored or irritated skin to treat or fight it. Though you can use therapeutic benefits on your own.

The beautiful flowering plant, Evening Primrose, has a very therapeutic effect on the overall well-being of the body.

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