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Aromatherapy for children

My passionate belief is that we can change people's way of thinking by teaching our children aromatherapy – tomorrow adults. Instead of teaching the children to reach the chemical tablet when their head hurts, why not ask for lavender and peppermint? If you are angry or anxious, it is definitely a good thing to burn some oils to help them in their emotional recovery.

When children are taught at a young age, they are part of their nature. This can be passed on to future generations.

When mixing pure essential oils with children, use the following doses:

Add 15 ml of carrier oil or base cream:
0-2 years, 1-2 drops
3-12 years old, up to 4 drops

Carrier oil is like almond oil or grape seed oil that carries essential oils into the skin. The base cream is not a refined, preferably non-toxic, smooth cream into which oils can be mixed.

Because children should have lower doses than adults, it may be easier to mix and store larger amounts of essential oils. in a dark glass in a cool cupboard. For example, if you want a mixture that would help your child sleep, you can mix lavender, incense and mandarin. If we mix 12 drops of mandarin, 7 drops of lavender and 5 drops in a bottle, this is called a mixture.

You can then use the mixture to place 1-2 drops for a toddler, or up to 4 drops for a child who is older in the base or carrier and uses (or can add essential oils to an electrical appliance). burning).

I would like to emphasize to adults that pure essential oils are of a therapeutic nature and not just "beautiful smelly little oils" in bottles. They work therapeutically and synergistically at all levels – physical, emotional, and spiritual to help harmonize body, mind, and spirit.

Children should not be left alone with oil bottles – especially if they can withdraw their covers. While pure essential oils are very safe when used properly and used for their intended purpose, they may also receive bad advertising if they are misused – and this is not a defect in oil.

Because of the therapeutic nature of oils used in aromatherapy, if your children already have conditions such as epilepsy or diabetes, or any other illness and are not sure of using essential oils, it is important to consult a qualified professional who can help.

I trust that people will achieve natural pure essential oils that act synergistically on their bodies instead of poisonous tablets and potions and teach their children the same.

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