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Aromatherapy for pregnant women – Safe location

Any woman who has read about 101 things during pregnancy knows that essential oils are a lot of no-no. This is mainly due to the fact that researchers have concluded intrauterine contracts with some natural botanical uses.

To avoid this, many women avoid all the essential oils and relieve the pleasure of aromatherapy. The fact is that a woman does not have to avoid these oils.

Safe oils for pregnancy

Pregnancy can be stressful time and aromatherapy is one of the many ways women can relax. If you rely on this relaxation technique, you do not have to worry about it. There are many scents that you can enjoy nursing and children comfortably.

Listed below are oils that are essentially harmless and can be used at any stage of pregnancy during pregnancy.

Lemon – with other citrus fruits such as grapefruit, orange and lime, lemon can help overcome the morning sickness. It's an antiseptic and fights bacteria and fungi. Many women swear by using it to overcome the pancreas and in some cases the development of cellulite during pregnancy.

Bergamot – the most recognizable and well-known of all the oils, for good reason, as this is the most effective atmospheric lift in the aromatherapy arsenal. If a woman is struggling with her own roaring hormones, as her body changes, this can be a great help. Mothers suffering from depression during pregnancy may find the bergamot really wonderful ally.

Lavender – proven sleeping support, lavender can help to make pregnant women sleep. This is very important, especially in the last trimester, when the comfortable location becomes more and more difficult. As a contribution, lavender can reduce swelling and puffiness, so you can send them as a fantastic god in the last few months for the sufferers of edema.

Kamilla – not only is chamomile calming the nerves, but the stomach, and relieves things like heartburn, gas and pancreas. Some pregnant women have stated that muscle pains and pains are being overwhelmed by the use of camomile.

Tea Tree Oil – Tea Tree Oil is extremely useful for pregnant women, but should be diluted before use. During pregnancy it is used to treat swamp pregnancy, fragrant oil should be tangible and easily accessible.

Proper Use of Oils

Any woman who intends to use aromatherapy oils during pregnancy should be aware of how to use it. For example, many oil should first be diluted before it can be placed anywhere on the body. It may seem easier to drop a few drops of perfume into a bathtub or massage it with gentle hands to the skin.

Essential Oils Avoid During Pregnancy

To ensure the safety and health of your unborn child, only gravitate to scents that were in order during pregnancy. Extraordinarily harmful oils during pregnancy: Jasmine, fennel, myrrh, black pepper, cloves, parsley, cypress, basil cinnamon, pennyroyal, clary sage and cedarwood.

This list is far from comprehensive and some of the listed scents can be safer in treating pregnancy clutter. If you have any doubt about what oils are, and who are not, contact your midwife to see what you are recommending. Until you can ask him, do not use the oil because you are not sure he is safe as I'm sorry.

While it's true that you have to give up many things during pregnancy, remember that at the end of nine months someone has your own life who deserves all the sacrifices.

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