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External Beauty is the key to success, and today it is the ultimate goal for both women and men, and as Plato said, "beauty is the truth of truth"

It is also true that we have to use products , which preserve our skin and exterior beauty, but also emphasize inner peace and harmony. The ideal beauty depends on the balance of our inner self, our thoughts and emotions. If one is constantly in the flow of life, easily and calmly, he understands the uniqueness.

Do not put into the trap of fake products with the toxic ingredients, but look for those that trigger their vitality. Your face or body, not what you saw on TV, which is fake and neglected. You can only find it if you love yourself and accept your body.

You have to be happy and happy with everyday challenges. Skin is the largest organ in the human body. It's like our third shot or our second mouth. Everyone can have beautiful, glowing and shiny skin regardless of age and color. Our thoughts and feelings leave the imprint on our skin. You can quickly dehydrate when you are under stress or depression. Remember, every wrinkle tells a story.

Body care with aromas is not a recent approach. Mineral oils have been used for the majority of Italian civilizations for thousands of years for a variety of wellness applications. Essential oils are either inhaled or inhaled. They are encapsulated in medical aromatherapy and are taken orally or cones together.

Brain neurotransmitters are triggered by fragrance and thus transmit a message to the whole body. At the same time, the fragrance message affects emotion and memory limbic brain center. A chemical aroma can not afford this whimsical magic.

Transdermal penetration is perhaps one of the most important uses of essential oils in massage, sauna and other relaxation treatments. Aromatherapy cosmetics are unique to all people, supporting our skin, our feelings and emotions in a way that nature knows best. Mother Nature has the power to heal us and in more ways than we can imagine. Above all, let's take the holistic approach. Nowadays, you have the opportunity to get pure biological aromatherapy products or to make yourself.

Detox: Natural detoxification must be day-to-day.

Rosemary or for acne skin

Lemon greasy skin

Lemonade Regular Skin

] 19659002] Use Rosewater to tone the skin and select the scent that will scare and balance the skin. Say. Neroli pink toning and moisturizing the skin, while rejuvenating.

Peeling: Peeling is essential for skin care and preservation. Calendula for regular skin

or lemon Citrus, Ylang-Geranium

Body Care: Body Care offers not only cleansing and hydration but also wellness and longevity. Do not overlook the extremes as they are the most exposed parts of your body. Lavender, orange, ylang-ylang, chamomile, geranium

Do not worry what you choose. Essential oils are like love, you know when you meet the deal.

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