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Aromatherapy herbs for healing

Aromatherapy is a herbal form. It uses fragrances of essential oil distilled by herbs, flowers and trees to improve health and vitality. It can be used properly, re-energizes and rejuvenates the mind, body, and spirit. Aromatherapy is created in many forms. Use oils, candles, creams and soaps.

How is fragrant oil extracted from plants?

Many herbs are used to produce essential oils and aromatherapy waters. Essential oils are aromatic compounds found in herbs. They are extracted by distillation. They have different methods, but basically the same.

The herbs are placed in water that warms up until steam is produced. It releases chemical substances, including aromatic compounds. The vapor was then cooled in a refrigerator and the residue was collected. Oils (which become essential oils) float on top of distilled water and can be removed.

Distilled water is called hydrosol. If you want to buy a herb or flower? the best kind is a hydrosol, as this is the by-product of aromatic distillation. Many water & essential oils added to water or alcohol, and not as good as genuine hydrosol.

Respecting Aromatherapy!

Many people think this because the photographed oils are only plant origin. that they can use as much as they want. Essential oils are highly concentrated and generally measured in droplets. Strength is wise – a drop equals the amount of two cups. One ounce of essential oil may prove fatal.

Unless you are a qualified aromatherapist, essential oils can only be used on the skin. Always mix the oil drops with a "carrier" like sweet almond oil. Unsurprising essential oil can burn the skin.

How can anything so powerful from plants?

Our pharmacology developed from the herb. Many of today's medicines come from plants.

There are over 250,000 known plant species, yet less than 1% have been thoroughly tested for medical use. One quarter of the prescription drugs are derived from this small 1%. The list includes morphine, atropine, ephedrine, warfarin, aspirin, digoxin, taxol, and hyoscine – so the plants must be very strong and cautious. It's not wonderful to think about what other useful treatments are out there and can not be discovered!

Growing Herbs for Aromatherapy

A large amount of herbal crop required for aromatherapy. This is because in calculating the mass of fresh herbs, plants produce only between 0.01% and 2% of essential oil. So much is to be cultivated and distilled to produce a sufficient amount of oil.

For the production of essential oils, the requirements are plants, good soil (often organic), irrigation, reasonable provision for heavy weather, harvesting and distillation equipment. Tips and Advice on Essential Oils

1. Always read and follow the advice on the essential oil labels.

2nd Keep away from children's viewing angle and reach.

3rd Never place essential oils in the eyes.

4th Always dilute the carrier oil before it is on your skin – or it will burn!

5th Essential oils are for external use only. Never swallow them.

6th As with any new skin preparation, first test the oil. Dilute a drop of essential oil with carrier oil and apply the skin to your inner arm. If irritation persists, stop using it.

7th Many herbs should be avoided by pregnant women and people with certain health conditions. Always check before use.

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