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Aromatherapy in hospice

People have been much appreciated for the healing benefits of essential oil use for decades, but rave is now in medical literature through quality scientific research. In other words, what people have been saying for years, they support the measurement and demonstration methods and tools of medical communities. One example of this is aromatherapy research in hospice.

  • According to the United Kingdom study, researchers at the Journal of Clinical Oncology reported that aromatherapy massage has short-term benefits to reduce anxiety and depression. According to the journal, one week of essential oil massage reduced the anxiety and, to a lesser extent, depression in cancer patients for four weeks once a week. The effect lasted for two weeks after the massage stopped, but had no effect on the 6 to 10 weeks. The test allowed masseurs to select which oils and techniques are suitable for the patient and their own massage practices. In addition, this study suggests that the more frequent frequency of use of essential oils further exacerbates the benefits of reduced anxiety and depression in the hospice population. In addition, it would be beneficial to correct which oils are most effective.
  • In another study, Korean researchers reported on the effects of bergamot, lavender and pumpkin use in hospice patients. Hand massages were given for 5 minutes per week for 7 days. As a result, pain and depression have decreased significantly. The oils were mixed at a concentration of 1: 1: 1 and then diluted with sweet almond oil.
  • Finally, a long-term benefit of a 2004 study on massage (with or without lavender) to reduce depression and improve sleep. For 4 weeks (long term determination), pain scores, anxiety level and quality of life did not change with lavender treatment.


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