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Aromatherapy massage and essential oils

Aromatherapy uses essential oils to aid the disease. Aromatherapy today has a positive impact on the world and is becoming more popular, more and more people are beginning to believe in the power of aroma and the healing of illness and illness. Thus, using the liquid vegetable extracts (essential oils) can be used to change the mental or physical health of people very favorably. Different plant extracts can be mixed to help with many diseases, including stress.

The three basic ways of aromatherapy:

  • Clinical
  • Home
  • Aromachology

In this article, we will familiarize you with all three types of aromatherapy in the topic review. Clinical Aromatherapy: The knowledge and synergistic effect of plant extracts on the body is necessary to make decisions about the clinical use of aromatherapy. It is very important to know the correct dosage and duration of the oil to be used for essential oils.

However, aromatherapy can be regarded as an "alternative or supplementary treatment" for the medical practice of the major rat, and many doctors can not be regarded as a valid healing science. It is also very unthinkable that aromatherapy is used as a treatment in any major clinical facility, it is more likely to be used in your area in holistic healing centers. At this point, it would probably be better to add aromatherapy except medical treatment until the medical evidence could be used as a comprehensive treatment.

Using Home Aromatherapy:

The term "Home Aromatherapy" describes the simple and basic use of essential oils, absolute values ​​and aromas. Aromatherapy massage is the method that is often used when someone is stressed and relaxed and works. Some oils used in home aromatherapy include essential oils such as basil, lavender oil, bergamot oil and the absolute smell. Absolutes are the oils produced by the extraction of alcohol, which helps to stop the distillation process, distort the fine perfume and make them stronger than the other oils.


This is described in order to study how plant extracts used in aromatherapy influence the brain and the physiological composition of the human body. We can simply say how we react and react to each scent, and how our body and brain respond when we experience them.

It is also known as the basis for the effects of studying scents and aromas in human behavioral patterns. It appears that some plants have a stimulating effect, while other plants have a relaxing effect. Aromachology, stresses and studies this to determine the value of general medicine in the future.

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