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Aromatherapy Massage and Massage – Efficiency in Emotional and Physical Wellbeing

It was found that stress is one of the most important factors in chemical changes in the body. People with a high degree of anxiety tend to be prone to depression, restlessness, heart disease, and other kaleidoscopes of health disorders. For people with health condition, aromatherapy massage and massage have been shown to relieve stress and anxiety. Although these natural therapies do not always cure diseases, they can have a significant impact on the physical body.

Many people do not realize that stress plays a leading role in promoting blood glucose and blood pressure, red blood cell activity, contracted blood vessels, inflammatory pulse and digestive system problems. [4] These facts prove that stress can have a very negative impact on overall health.

In a study on the subject of anxiety and self-esteem, a study was conducted in the Institute of Nursing Science (Seoul National Obstetrics College, Seoul, South Korea).

During the test, massage was performed using aromatic essential oils such as chamomile, lavender, lemon and rosemary. Overall, the study lasted seven (7) weeks. Within this time frame, aromatherapy massages were set up three (3) times a week, each session being 20 minutes. After a first three-week period, a one-week entry took place and continued for the remaining three weeks. Although blood pressure and heart rate were not significantly affected, there were clear differences in anxiety and self-esteem.

In another study, the same procedure was used for older patients with constipation. In the 10-day study, the experimental group received abdominal aromatherapy massage; using essential oils lemon, peppermint and rosemary. The control group is also massaged; but without aromatherapy. At the end of the study, constipation was determined by the constipation assessment scale (CAS). While the results showed that the average number of bowel movements improved in both groups; the experimental group receiving aromatherapy massage showed significant improvement. It has been demonstrated that it has had an effect for two (2) weeks after treatment; while non-aromatherapy massage lasted for about seven to ten days (7-10). To sum up, the study found that aromatherapy with which massage is linked helps alleviate early constipation. [2]

Other research suggests that both aromatherapy massage and massage are beneficial for cancer patients. In the United Kingdom, in a study by Princess Alice Hospice, patients were treated with aromatherapy massage and massage at a four-week course. To assess the effectiveness of physical and psychological symptoms, both techniques were randomly administered to cancer patients. The findings were promising, as significant sleep patterns in both groups improved. In addition, the level of depression in the massage group was statistically significant. Overall, the study showed that patients with increased anxiety were more likely to respond to both types of massage. In summary, we have learned that stress-related disorders and health complications can be significantly reduced and / or mitigated by natural therapies such as aromatherapy massage, massage and other non-invasive health treatments. Aromatherapy Massage and Massage: The Effectiveness of Emotional and Physical Wellbeing

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