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Aromatherapy Massage – Importance and Health Benefits

Aromatherapy is a science that uses the healing powers of essential oils. The aromatic essential oils are distilled from organic vegetable sources. These plants produce many natural phytonutrients. Thus, essential oils have different therapeutic effects for the mind, body and spirit.

Massage And Aromatherapy hand in hand. In ancient Egypt, the aromatic bath was a daily ritual. This was followed by a massage of aromatic oils from cinnamon, roses, cedarwood, lilies, myrrh and so on. The last Egyptian queen Cleopatra is famous for exotic massages, aromatic baths and perfumes. She used her perfume to seduce both Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony. At that time, aromatherapy massage was intended for relaxation, pleasant body scents, skin treatment and general healing. There was no clear difference between perfume and healing. We now know that an aromatic essential oil massage cures touch and odor sensation

The Importance of Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy massage is really a matter of total harmonization of mind and body. The pure and natural essential oils both heal and beautify the body, emotions and psyche a truly great and unique sensory experience. Aromatherapy massage is effective as essential oil penetrates skin layers and tissues. This allows the oil to enter the blood rapidly and provides therapeutic benefits to the body as a whole. The quality of the essential oil directly influences the oil's beneficial effect on the oil.

Aromatherapy massage today plays an accepted role in the relaxation, rehabilitation and preventive health care of Western medicine. These massages are offered as part of the health package in spas, beauty clinic resorts and wellness centers.

Essential oils should be carefully and carefully selected and used before the aromatherapy massage is delivered. Essential oils can calm or stimulate the recipient. Most oils are antibacterial and have many anti-spasmodic effects. There are many aromatherapy products on the market that contain synthetic materials. They do not give therapeutic health benefits and can actually cause adverse side effects.

Health Benefits for Specific Aromatherapy Massage Disorders

  • Digestive Problems,
  • Stress
  • Hypertension,
  • Insomnia,
  • Muscle And Joint Stiffness
  • Sickness And Low Energy Level

These are health conditions that respond very well to essential oils massage .

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